Back in October, we told you about the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán White. Now, we covered the watch because I’ve got that affinity for Lamborghini. However, I struggle with how to classify these sorts of watches. I mean, we focus on the more affordable watches out there, while leaving space for those higher-end pieces that are more functional art than daily driver. So, for those, we’ll start labelling them as “For your consideration” – IE, aspirational pieces that you might save towards, or inform your own designs. Without further preamble, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Countach DT/X.

Now, this watch in particular has me paying attention because it was the Countach that I was obsessed with in the late 80s. Of course, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Countach DT/X is for the newly relaunched Countach (not that of my youth), but still. It’s that piece of my youth that has me enamored, you know? While I’m all about the lines of the doors and the headlight openings, the engine is undoubtedly the heart of the beast.

In my book, theRoger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Countach DT/X does a great job capturing that. You’ve got the engine “cover” running down the middle, just like on the deck of the car. To either side, you’ve got tourbillons set at 90 degrees, with a differential gear train (under that engine cover I imagine) to average things out, and keep the movement running as accurately as it can. Slap this into a composite fiber and titanium case and pair it with a rubber strap, and you’ve got a watch that feels ready for a supercar.

And, much like a supercar, theRoger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Countach DT/X does not come cheap. There’s a lot of knowhow that goes into building these, and only 8 of them are being produced. So, it’s not a surprise that it carries a pricetag of $720,000. Stings a little, doesn’t it? Just means you and I are about as likely to see or wear one as we are to park a Countach in our garage (eh, I’m tall, I probably wouldn’t fit in it anyways). But, just like that pre-teen boy with the car poster on the wall, one can dream and aspire – or just view it as a piece of art from afar.

Tech Specs from Roger Dubuis


Lamborghini, the super car manufacturer from Italy, and Roger Dubuis, the hyper watch manufacturer from Geneva, teamed up and unleashed their creativity to release audacious timepieces born to race. The result are watches with unique calibres built like engines. From this collaboration, several patents and World Premiere were registered by Roger Dubuis offering to its exclusive tribes models evoking the uncompromised machines made by the Italian brand of the bull. The collaboration is also the genesis of unique projects where the client sits with the manufacturer to create his or her very onw watch.


  • Name: RD112
  • Energy: Mechanical, manual-winding
  • Functions: Hour, minute
  • Components: 295
  • Jewels: 40
  • Frequency: 2 x 3 Hz (2 x 21’600 vph)
  • Power reserve: 72 hours
  • Diameter: 40.8
  • Diameter in lines: 16 3/4
  • Thickness: 10.4 mm
  • Finishes: trued-up or shot-blasted or black-polished or circular-grained with Rhodium or NAC or PVD coating bridges, plate and gears


  • Type: Excalibur skeleton concept with design signature: notched bezel and three lugs
  • Diameter: 47 mm
  • Material: MCF – Mineral Composite Fiber
  • Bezel: MCF – Mineral Composite Fiber
  • Crown: titanium crown with lacquer ring
  • Glass: sapphire crystal with anti-re lective coating
  • Case Back: titanium open case back with sapphire crystal
  • Thickness: 16.45 mm


Satin brushed and Rhodium plated lower flange with transfered texts and minute track, shot-blasted and NAC coated upper flange with screw-like hour markers polished and Rhodium plated, sapphires like rear lights around the tourbillons


Triple surface hour and minute hands with shot-blasted and satin-brushed finish, PVD coating in the centre and white SLN tips


Skeleton 3D rubber strap with ultra-ergonomics design, including fabric mesh inserted between the rubber layers. Interchangeable with Quick Release System – QRS


Titanium cover, titanium blades, triple folding, interchangeable with Quick Release System – QRS

Water Resistance

5 BAR (50 m)

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