At least, you can if you get your hands on a Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave, that is.  This is definitely a gadget-lovers watch, as it has a variety of technical features, even outside of the satellite synching.

First though, we need to talk about that synch function.  We’re all likely familiar with the atomic time synch function that a lot of quartz watches have these days.  They rely on radio signals that are broadcast to keep them about as accurate as one can hope for in a timepiece.  This generally occurs in the night-time hours, when radio interference is lessened.  It’s easy enough to do if you’re in the United States, Japan, and parts of Europe, where those signals are broadcast.

However, if you find yourself in another part of the world, you’re out of luck – you simply won’t be able to pick up a signal.  Enter the satellite watch.  While you will actually gain a more accurate time piece, you do so by trading off convenience.  How so?  In order for the watch to pick up the signal, you’ll need to be outdoors, in the sunlight, for your best efforts.  Think of it in terms of a GPS device – they don’t function so well when there’s structure in between you and the sky.

Of course, being outside is going to help you keep the watch powered up and running, since it relies on solar power.  The solar panels are in full view through the domed crystal on the watch, as most of the features have a sort of skeletonized layout and presentation.  From the pictures I’ve been able to see, I can’t tell how readable this watch will, or will not be.  What isn’t hard to see is that this watch will garner serious attention on your wrist.  The green accents on the steel and ceramic case, coupled with its (apparent) large size will give it a wrist presence you can’t miss.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you any truly solid specs (other than the obvious: GMT, day/date) or pricing information, as Citizen hasn’t released that info for this limited edition model.  However, if we’ve managed to whet your appetite for this particular piece, you can read more about it over at ABlogToRead.


ByPatrick Kansa

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