Are you guys having trouble with the forums?


  1. I think the forum is a great idea, because plenty of watch-n00bs like myself have questions which never get answered in the normal ‘blog’ format

    I had problems initially. . need to try again with a proper log-in

    please keep the forums, hosts!

  2. i will keep trying but so far I have had no luck

    hey lookit this, a replica watch site actually has more info about watches than I have been able to get on watchuseek, watchreport, etc

    a primer page of watch terms. . just what i want!

  3. I’m not sure that people know if they can contribute, AND those ads are annoying as hades. I know you need them, but they have driven me off more than a time or two ,and I am a bookmarked junkie.

  4. Dismiss the above comment for now. I went to the forum tocomment, and when I click reply it blanks out.So do I need to register AGAIN for that? I am already here ,I thought. After a while I am gripping to remember id’s email etc.

  5. A forum is great, but if you’re not specific like BWF, paneraisti, etc , you’ll get overrun with the arcane and stupid inquirers. “Is my Ironman as accurate as that IWC?” I’m being extreme, but not inaccurate. Check out any of the other forums. On WUS, someone has been hawking some POS Frogman digital in bulk that I wouldn’t touch with your hands. Horrible looking watch, yet he thinks its some collectible treasure trove.

    Only mi dos centivos.
    And I have nothing against your hands, btw đŸ˜‰

  6. Well. I still say a forum here on this site is of value. WWR has a verve and a style all its own. It’s not as strict as the other sites. This site is of interest to watch-experts and watch-n00bs alike; it’s a casual and low-key place to consider various aspects of watch design. The hosts have keen eyes for content and I’m always pretty satisfied with the stream of info here.

    (the only thing it lacks is some basic watch-primer type info, but this is a moot complaint)

    Anyway the trouble I have with the forum so far is purely technical. A blank page is loaded when one attempts to create a new topic. I have registered and logged in; and I tried to post with various browsers. No soap.

    I really hope that the forum here is given a proper chance to show its merits.

  7. My name is Jakob Barak I am a pilot and an electrical engineer from israel.
    I purchase a Tissot T Touch watch tow years ago, Mainly on because that my father was an pilot in the second world war and his Tissot watch not only passed the war is also work till today (from 1930). Obviously today Tissot are fare away from that.
    My first Tissot T Touch watch become out of order three months after I bought it , then thy fix it and it stop to function again after three months , And was spoiled again and again 4 times.
    For my completion thought that the exchange of the clock is implicit, but not in Tissot. For them it is reputed as favor, and after fight and many letters it was exchanged the watch to a new one, and I wish that it was end of the story. But in the new watch the amazing story repeated himself, And as of today the new watch was spoiled already three times. There is to point out that on Angelina Jolie in the movie of the watch look wonderful, But in my opinion it is not enough, and it also should work sometimes. The second time already I did checksin the internet forums and turn Out that it is not only my problem, and I have 5000 mail of people all over the word that have the same problem with Tissot watches. Ironic the representation in Israel gave service over the her buoy, but to know Tissot reparation on the sorrow and the time is identical watch or more inexpensive. ( it in an attempt that impossible to buy omega).
    The watch is built with functions to the pilots but with reliability of market in Thailand.

    Jekob barak

  8. Tissot is bad watch & also the seller is more bad they cheet the people. i pruchased one watch & started to give advanced 2,3,5,&7 minutes/day.i gave back to exchange but they promised to fix it.2 weeks later i received it back but after 20 days gave 5 minutes late i gave it back to the agent here in qatar asking them to change it but they refused .

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