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Fossil Twist: WTF?


WatchReport got an email about the Fossil Twist:

“The beauty of a finely crafted automatic timepiece is coupled with the accuracy and reliability of quartz housed in a watchcase that reveals its intricate inner workings to the wearer.”

So it’s a quartz AND auto movement? Ok, cool. But Christian dug a little deeper and discovered that the whole thing was a crazy mishmash involving a quartz movement and an auto movement for show. Absolutely insane.

“As far as the Twist line, it is a quartz driven movement. The automatic part of the watch is just for looks.”

Is Fossil drunk?

The Mystery of the Fossil Twist Series [WatchReport]

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  1. I’ve had my Fossil TWIST for about two years now and it’s proven to be flawess. In the beginning I believed that the watch was “wound” by movement of the arm and hand but one time I left it in the drawer for about a month and when I returned it was exactly on time. How could that be?? I guessed then that it must at least have a battery back-up. Now I learn that the “automatic” part is only for the escapement wheel which is non-functional.

    No matter, I really like the watch.


  2. I just got one of these watches and I’m very happy with it. So what is it’s not “wound” it’s a very nice looking watch and for the price you can’t beat it.

  3. This watch costs sub £100 pounds. I have one and love it! If your looking for quality automatic movements why would you look at a fashion watch anyway?! You’ll struggle to find a Seiko Kinetic for double this money. This watch is purely designed to look good – Fossil dominate the market with cool looking, functional and affordable time pieces. Diesel, storm and swatch are also worth a look too at this sort of money. The Swiss make some real sweet automatic movement watches if your really into automatic time keeping. However, they come at a price!

  4. Bought the ME 1044 recently. Next day..it stopped. Sent it back to Fossil and I’m waiting for the replacement. Hope its better. Miss that watch! The case is somewhat thick but I don’t mind. Great watch

  5. I have 8 Fossil time pieces. Some are purely automatic (stop within about 48hrs if not wound or worn) and some are quartz. My favorite Fossil piece is a Twist ME 1012. In the store yesterday, the staff were convincing me that the automatic movement is coupled with quartz as a back-up, if needed. The website presently states “See what’s inside. Twist combines the accuracy of a quartz movement with the aesthetics of a finely crafted automatic watch.” In spite of the automatic part being “aesthetic”, I absolutely love the watch and the look of it gets plenty of compliments. In any case, it’s a great time piece for the price. If an automatic is desired at a reasonable price, Fossil offers that too… but those can be annoying if only worn periodically.

  6. the automatic part does power the seconds, if your seconds are not running, it’s a mechanical problem with that aspect of the watch.

  7. I’ve already replaced my fossil twist and so far, AND I MEAN so far, it has run beautifully. Regardless my first owned fossil twist gave out in 3 days. But the most important thing is they were willing to honor that is, what was, shall we say F#[email protected] up. In 2 days of having it shipped in(I live VERY close to a local dealer) they replaced it just like that, with the same exact Champagne model that, like i said is working to exact perfection. I find myself very confident that Fossil knows that there are some errors within this model. But neither here nor there they are willing to correct them and replace them so long as you have the warranty and paperwork behind them. Bottom line just check the watch after a couple of weeks, and if everything is running smooth then you have a good piece.

  8. I has my twist sitting for about 4 months. It was dead. I started shaking it and it started all of a sudden. it has been 12 hours and it is still going.

  9. I was told by the manager of a Fossil store that the automatic part will power the watch when it is able to, when it has been sitting, the quartz takes over in order to keep the watch from loosing time. It could have all been smoke, but who knows. I like the watch, it looks great and tells me what time it is. Couldnt ask for more.

  10. @Zach
    Yeah I think he was “blowing smoke”, I got mine shipped in yesterday, the quarts piece (hour/minute) was on time and chugging away but the second hand was not moving at all.
    A quick few shakes and the second hand kicked into life, I think it’s a good looking time piece, but I still am under the opinion from what I’ve seen that the automatic mechanisms power only the second hand on my ME1090.

  11. I have a ME1104, and LOVE IT! great watch. The automatic feature is to save battery, because the second hand is always moving, so it uses most of the battery usually. I think it’s a great Idea, b/c you save battery while never losing time.

  12. Does any know where to find a me 1099 manual. I cant figure out how to change the days arrow. not the date one, the days one, and do i need to adjust the date every month?

  13. Wow , what a stupid design, Fossil put the auto movement on top of the quartz movement! So you can see part of the battery but you can’t get into it to change it! Brilliant!

  14. I’m a watch repair tech and I can clear up the function questions. At first before opening it up I thought the mechanical movement was a backup incase battery died (cool idea!) but after opening it and looking at the movement, the hour and min hands are run by a battery (quartz mvmnt) and the second hand is what is run by the mechanical part and the visible balance wheel. Basically what “Me” posted above….

  15. Martin- for the day you actually have to turn the hands until it is on the day of the week, the date however just pull stem out half way and turn (pulling out all the way sets time). Tes if there isn’t 31 days in a month you will have to reset date every 1st of the month- the only watches you don’t need to do that with are perpetual calendars but those are usualy quite pricey to change battery on and difficult to do alone because of the chip needing to be reset if it tskes to long- kinda a pain- I’d just rather reset the date everother month.

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