In a few more days, Yema is going to be releasing a new watch over on Kickstarter. While we’ve tended to focus more on their mechanical watches in the past (you can see those here), they’ve also had a quartz-driven LED design since the 1970s. They reissued that not too long ago, and now they’ve got a new version of it coming out, the Yema LED Kavinsky.

Now, if you find yourself wondering who Kavinsky is, he’s a French electronic music artist, who’s persona is that of a zombie that came back after a crash in a Ferrari. The French connection is there, so we’ve got this Yema LED Kavinsky hitting Kickstarter. While the broad profile looks much like the prior Yema LED, it’s actually a touch different.

For starters, the case of the Yema LED Kavinsky has been changed a bit. Rather than having the red lens stretch across the whole of the face, it’s just inset into the steel (we presume) case. You’ve also got some small engravings there, stepping you down visually from the display to the bracelet.

The bracelet of the Yema LED Kavinsky is another change. They’ve really reinforced the integrated bracelet look (rather than looking like an expansion bracelet), and gone with a sort of 3-link look that ends in a integrated clasp (signed with the Kavinsky K) making for a smooth section on the bottom of your wrist.

The other major visual change for the Yema LED Kavinsky is that red pusher that takes you into the settings of the watch (the one on the side should be what causes the display to light up). When these limited-edition watches launch on Kickstarter on March 18th, you should be able to back the watch for €196 (approx. $216), or get one with a Kavinsky vinyl for €222 (approx. $245). Until then, you can check out all the details over at, and we’ll have a prototype on the way in for a hands-on review.

Tech Specs from Yema

  • Dimensions: 42mm x35.5mm
  • Functions: Hours, minutes (12h/24h), seconds, date, month, year
  • Water resistance: 5 BAR / 50 m
  • 2 year international warranty
  • Made in France

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