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Well, you can get your pizza Hawaiian style (disclaimer:  I do not endorse this topping combination), but until now, you really couldn’t get your watch in that style.  The folks over at SWAE watches are doing their utmost to rectify this oversight, and are looking to you to help Kickstart their project.

Fortunately, you’re not getting a watch that looks like a piece of pizza (though, if that’s what you really want, I managed to find one for you here).  No, what we’ve got here is a wooden watch with some interesting style.  And I know what your thinking – wooden watches on Kickstarter are one of the most common things we’re seeing as of late – so what makes this one any different?

For starters, you’ve got the wood being used.  This is a hardwood from Koa trees with was gathered up from fallen trees (so, no new trees getting chopped down).  It’s worth noting, the Koa tree is native to Hawaii – so you’ve got some true local flavor.  Second, take a look at the engraving done on the case.  It calls to mind tribal tattoo patterns (apparently this one references shark teeth), which of course are also found on the islands.

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The case itself is rectangular (42mm x 54.5mm) and is topped with a sapphire crystal.  Under the jet-black dial, we’ve got a Ronda 705 Quartz movement.  Overall, it’s an interesting look, and definitely different from other wooden watches I’ve seen.  If you’ve not experienced one, it’s a different style for sure.  The watch will likely be the lightest you’ve ever worn, and the bracelet will have a bit looser feel than you’re used to.

At this point, they’re about 2/3rds of the way to their funding goal, but you can still get in on the project at price points of $160 for the watch.  Yeah, that seems pricey for a wooden watch, but this one does come with an additional bit of feel-good attached to it.  For every watch purchased, a new koa tree will be planted (and, to prove it, you’re given the GPS coordinates of the new tree as well).

We’re looking into getting a review sample in.  In the mean time, if you want to jump in on the project before it ends on March 8th, head on over to the project page and get to backing.

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By Patrick Kansa

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