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Getting cozy with the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers


As you’re aware, we like to check out the menswear world to bring you items that would be of interest, things that are affordable, and sort of up your style game to the level of attention you lavish on your watches.  We’ve reviewed several different pairs of boots and sneakers, and those are great for the outdoors and commute.  But what about when you’re just relaxing at the house? As the weather turns cooler, you may be looking for a pair of slippers to warm those toes.  And hey, if they’re built so you’re in the clear to wander out to the mailbox, all the better.  Well, that’s precisely what the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers have to offer.

Right off the bat, you might think that the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers are made of wool, and that’s a reasonable assumption. However, as with the rest of the lineup, we’re looking at a manmade material – in this case, a “faux wool”.  While perhaps not as warm or breathable as actual wool, I found that the material did the job it was supposed to, and kept my feet warm.  Inside the slippers themselves, you get a pop of color with a southwestern print on the insole that is comfortably padded, and provides some arch support as well – not a ton, but a little.

Flipping the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers over, that’s where you get to a key feature of the footwear – the harder indoor/outdoor sole.  I rarely want to put on a pair of shoes just to run out to the garage or the recycling bin, so something that I can walk around outside with is key.  Some sort of a sole will help keep your feet dry and give you traction, along with protecting the slipper itself.  This sole does that job well.  While there is not a ton of tread to it, that’s fine – you’re not going to be running a marathon in them.  And, with the lower profile sole, that means it’s easier to knock off anything that might have stuck to the bottom when you come inside – no sense in tracking dirt around the homestead, now, is it?

As with the other Freewaters shoes we reviewed, if you purchase a pair of the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers, you’ll be able to help fund a clean water project somewhere in the world.  So, you’ve got a bit of that doing good feeling that comes along with keeping your toes warm in the cold weather.  You can pick up your own pair of Freewaters Jeffrey slippers for just $45 in two different colors, directly from the brand.  freewaters.com

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Freewaters Jeffrey slippers
  • Price:  $45
  • Who’s it for? You want a pair of slippers that will keep your toes warm and allow for quick ventures outside
  • Would I wear it?  While they got the job done, it turns out I’m not a big fan of the slide style – I prefer my slippers to have a full back on them
  • The best thing about it:  Aside from the durable sole, I really like the sweater look they bring between the wool-like texture and the ribbed “cuff” on top.  Makes one wonder what a boot-style of this would look like…
  • Watch it pairs best with: None.  Yeah, that’s right.  You’re at home, relaxing – why worry about the time?

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