In the summary of my last review from SUAVS, I mentioned that I felt the digitally-knit fabric lent itself more to a low-top, as opposed to the high-top that we saw with the Legacy.  Some of that was informed by the shoe we got in for review (and that we’re talking about today) ,the SUAVS Zilker.

Yes, the same SUAVS that we wrote about the other week.  For those who may not be fans of the high top styling, they also have a low top style.  This is, of course, the SUAVS Zilker (there’s also an Air Mesh variant).  These shoes feature a lot of the same details (the knit fabric, a light, flexible rubber sole, and washable insoles) that we saw, though they are quite different shoes.

For starters, the SUAVS Zilker are offered in a wider variety of colors.  While we looked at the heather grey version, there’s also a charcoal, olive green, and a quite sharp grey on red.  Additionally, when it comes to the sizing, these don’t carry the suggestion to order up a size.  And, when we got these in at my regular size, I could confirm they were fairly comfortable right off the bat.

I say fairly, as this style of shoe (or, specifically, the fabric) takes some getting used to, given the snugger fit.  With the SUAVS Zilker, I could definitely get the sense of it fitting like a pair of socks would.  They fit closer to the toes than you might otherwise expect from a pair of shoes.  Once I got used to this, though, it was fine.  The fabric has a lot of stretch and give to it, so I never felt like the shoes were overly tight.

Additionally, given the lower cut and the stretchy fabric, I found that these were shoes that were easy to slip on and off, whether or not I had socks on (yeah, I tested these a bit without socks as well, and found them equally comfortable).  Which, for a laced-up shoe, is no small feat.  This immediately brought to mind the thought of travel – going through security lines, that easy on-off is certainly a benefit.  And, given how light and compact these can be (the fabric collapses down without your foot in there), these are easy shoes to have packed along in your bag.

For me, though, it was of course mostly just to the office, around the house, and out and about on the weekends.  The easy-on nature was great for grabbing to head on out the door, and again, the fabric kept my feet cool and comfortable in the summertime heat and humidity here in Chicago.    I also appreciated the flexibility that the heathered grey gave the shoes – they were unobtrusive, and worked across a variety of situations.  And with the bright-white soles, it gave the shoes an up-to-date look and feel.

If you couldn’t tell, between the two pairs of SUAVS shoes we had in for review, the SUAVS Zilker were definitely my favorite.  I think they’re ideal summertime shoes for the heat, and of course would make for some great travel companions as well.  You’ll find the SUAVS Zilker available in sizes 8-13, for $95, direct from the brand.

Review Summary
  • Brand & Model: SUAVS The Zilker
  • Price:  $95
  • Who’s it for? You’re looking for warm weather loafer convenience with laced-up style
  • Would I wear it? Indeed – I think these are great casual options for warmer weather (though perhaps not for rainy days)
  • The best thing about it:  I like just how easy the fabric makes these shoes – easy to put on, easy to wear, easy to kick off at the end of the day
  • Watch it pairs best with:  Your favorite GMT for traveling, of course!  Say, the Michelsen AE or Sjoo Sandstrom World Timer.
Details from SUAVS
  • Breathable & Ultra Soft Digital Knit.
  • Cotton Laces.
  • Removable & washable polyfoam insole is covered with microfiber terry for moisture absorption.
  • Flexible Non-Slip Rubber sole bends right along with your feet’s movements.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • They can be packed flat or rolled up and are perfect for when you’re on the go or out on a travel adventure.

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