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What better way to start out a new month than by kicking off a new giveaway?  If you’re in agreement, read on to see how you  can enter to win your own MetaWatch Strata.

As with our prior giveaways, we’ll rely on the widget (below) to handle the entry duties.  Unlike our prior ones, however, we’re intending to run this for a full two weeks, given many people are likely off for the 4th.  Good luck!



By Patrick Kansa

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30 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: MetaWatch Strata”
  1. I think there is an inclination to try to do too much with them. The smartwatch makes quite a bit of sense as a notification center. Some limited direct interaction with your phone for perhaps audio controls or as a secondary display for fitness applications is logical, but I don’t feel the need to talk to my watch.

  2. You know, I found myself in an amusing situation the other day. I caught myself talking on my iPhone while looking at my computer screen, and browsing on my iPad at the same time. I had to laugh. Technology can simplify, but it can also swallow you. If a watch can be an organizer of multiple technological devices, that would be great. If I catch myself holding my phone in one hand, iPad in the other, checking my watch for a notification while sitting in front of my computer….it could very well rip a hole in the space-time continuum!

  3. I think it is “about that time” that watches started moving this direction, only because everything is so connected that it just makes sense. While like some other comments, I find myself pulling my iPhone out of my pocket every 5 minutes just to see if there is a notification, or heck, just the time even if I have a watch on my wrist.

    Now we’ll have the phone connected to the car’s bluetooth and watch now to round off our daily intereactions. I think the nicest thing about having a watch like this or others is that once you have it, the “apps” or interface can be updated in the furture with firmware/software upgrades for additonal functionality as it’s needed.

  4. I think smart watches are headed toward convergence with life tracking devices like Fitbit or Nike Fuel.

  5. I’m very excited about the direction of smart watches. I’m sure soon we will be wearing a network that will comprise of our watches, phones and portable computer.

  6. I actually own a smart watch already although it being the cheapest and most buggy it was still a fun device. I kept wishing it was just a little less buggy and more feature filled. Iv heard some ok things about the meta maybe I will enjoy that one. If I win that is.

  7. I think that smart watches will continue to grow and not replace mechanical or digital watches but just for the short future they will stay as connected watches. Watches that help us with simple tasks.

  8. I think they will make a great complement for mechanical wrist watches for certain situations. I look forward to when they are at a point I am ready to buy.

  9. I have had several smart watches, and my favorite tools are just notifications and indication of upcoming events. They are also fantastic as a small “dashboard” for health goals, although its unlikely I’d wear the same smart watch for exercise and work.

  10. I think smart watches are here to stay. The quantified self movement will make sure of it.

  11. That is one amazing watch! To be able to have: different watch faces, caller ID, text message notifications, a calendar, weather and stock information all in this incredible unit is technology at its best!

  12. Personally, I think they will be a passing fancy, like previous smart watches. Unless you can get battery life like a regular watch, i.e. once every few years or solar, they will not gain much traction.

  13. I believe that smart watches will start to have better screens, like the ones you get on your smartphones but better

  14. Pretty nice … i like the bluetooth connectivity. But hope that they make improvements at the battery life.

  15. Most are either to bulky for everyday use or have to short of a battery life… but I love the functionality. Having said that, I do like the MOTOACTV I have now…

  16. They need to spend more time on the whole package. They spend so much on R&D that the other aspects aside from the dial are an afterthought. I’m a bit agnostic when it comes to quartz, mechanical, or digital, but the smart watch has much to learn from its predecessors. Would it be blasphemy for a luxury watch brand to partner with a major tech player?

  17. Battery life is absolutely essential if the next crop of smartwatches is to succeed, whether that be from Apple, Samsung, Google, or all of the dozen other companies rumored to be trying to prepare for the impending iWatch.

    The Pebble is proof that people want that kind of notification, Dick Tracy watch, but it was poorly executed, and no color. I’d like to see Siri or Google Now in a watch. That’d be killer.

  18. I love the direction smart watches are heading. I’m in an industry wheere I can’t openly use my phone, but I sure can check my watch!

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