Not too long ago, I wrote about a great Star Trek watch that the folks over at ThinkGeek have on offer. Well, today we have another fun (and sort of sci-fi) watch to talk about. Fancy yourself a Doc Brown in training? Then get ready to strap on the Flux Capacitor watch.

Now, for anyone who grew up in the era of the Back to the Future Movies, certain things from the movie are almost immediately identifiable. While the De Lorean is perhaps the most recognizable prop, it is not a stretch to say that the flux capacitor (you know, what enabled the time travel) is just as easy to pick out.

With its unique “Y” shape, one is (and rightfully so) a bit curious about how time is told on this watch. Well, if you have learned how to tell time on any of the TokyoFlash watches (link), then this one will certainly be a breeze – you just have to count.


You kick off the time telling mode with a press of a button, and then you count the number of lights lit up. It splits it into three digits – hours first, then the first digit of the minutes, and then the second digit of the minutes. Sure, not quite “at a glance readability”, but it should make for a cool light show on the wrist.

Oh, and yes there is a regular digital display, but that is taking the form of the “time circuit” display (again, from the movie) which is showing you the current date. Should that be a bit too vanilla for you, you can set the watch into a time travel mode, which will put it to display a randomly selected date and time.

Coming in at a price of $50, this is not an heirloom you will pass down through the generations. For what it is, however, it’s a great price for a fun watch, especially if you are a fan of the wacky time-travel movies. Or if, you know, you have a De Lorean in a garage and easy access to a bell tower. product page

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