Seems to be that, when we’re reviewing watches from CT Scuderia, we tend to hit them all at once. That happened the last go-round, and now seems to be the case this time around. It was not that long ago that we reviewed the CT Scuderia Scrambler, and now we’re hitting another one that’s a touch different from the norm, the CT Scuderia Testa Piatta.

Funnily enough, these two watches (the Scrambler and the Testa Piatta) have more in common than I originally thought. Of course, the Scrambler (at least to my mind) calls to mind a specific type of motorcycle. Well, as it turns out, if you translate Testa Piatta to English, you get the word flathead. AKA, a rather iconic engine style. Ok, sure, it could be a car engine, but still, I like the motorcycling influence. And besides, doesn’t that logo on the side of the case look awfully reminiscent of, say, Norton?

Speaking of the case – this is one thing that has remained consistent, in terms of design language, for all of the CT Scuderia watches I’ve reviewed. You have your basic base shape (here, on the CT Scuderia Testa Piatta, it’s a 42mm circle) on to which the lugs are fastened. Now, did you note that case diameter? At 42mm, this is the most compact CT Scuderia I have had on my wrist, and it was certainly one of the most comfortable.

The case finish is a matte black, with the sides (not the lugs) having a textured feel, almost like a bedliner sort of a finish. Continuing on with the black, you’ve got the flat black dial with the printed (not not lumed) numerals. With this dial, I’m picking up another speed influence, as it’s reminiscent of Porsche Design more than a little bit. The handset keeps the black-on-black theme going as well. While this is a good look for color palette, it makes the handset look quite a bit smaller than they actually are (if you look closely, they are actually sized quite nicely).

With all the focus on black and tan on the dial (and then the case/strap combination), it certainly is a shame that the large date windows aren’t also black discs, as the white really stands out quite a bit. Sure, a big date feature like this does tend to be a centerpiece of sorts, but I frankly wouldn’t mind seeing it blended in a bit better on the CT Scuderia Testa Piatta.

Wearing the CT Scuderia Testa Piatta was a breeze. As I mentioned, this is about the most compact watch I have worn from the brand. Though, it is still a tall case, particularly with that domed sapphire crystal in the mix. Still, had no problems slipping it beneath a cuff as I voyaged on in to the office. That is where a watch like this I think would thrive. With the steel case and 100m WR rating, you’re going to be comfortable wearing it day-to-day, that it will stand up to that sort of life, with the Swiss Ronda quartz movement keeping you on time for your next appointment.

Coming in at $945, the CT Scuderia Testa Piatta is also the most affordable watch from the brand I have had cross my desk. Some of the other color variations are slightly cheaper, and you can jump into an automatic version (no big date) for about $1,200 (depending on the model), or a quartz chronograph version for the same price as the big date, $945.  While I’d certainly recommend the bracelet option out the gate, the rallye strap is quite nice as well (and has me thinking about getting something in that style for my own watches).

With the previous CT Scuderia models I have reviewed, I would have had a harder time recommending them to someone, unless I knew they were really well-and-truly into Italian motorsports, and wanted quite a statement piece on their wrist. With the more restrained CT Scuderia Testa Piatta, though, I think we’re getting into a more broadly-appealing sort of a style, albeit with a healthy dash of motoring influence (be it of the 2- or 4-wheeled variety). Then again, I’m just one man, and have my opinion. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this addition to the CT Scuderia catalog, as well as what else you might want us to review from the brand.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: CT Scuderia Testa Piatta
  • Price: $945
  • Who’s it for? You want a reliable everyday watch with a healthy dash of motorsports in the design
  • Would I wear it? Indeed I would – though, if purchasing, I might look for the steel bracelet version first, and add the rallye strap later
  • What I’d change: Some lume would definitely be appreciated
  • The best thing about it: The overall look and feel

Tech Specs from CT Scuderia

  • Movement: Ronda Swiss Made
  • Function: Big date with direct change from 31 to 01 and small seconds
  • Watch Case: ø 42 mm
  • Case Back: Black IP Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 10 atm
  • Material: Black IP Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: Sapphire Dome Shaped
  • Buckle: Classic
  • Strap: Natural Genuine Leather

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