At least here in the northern hemisphere, summer is just a distant memory, as the fall dips into colder temperatures. To help counteract that (and ensure you always can see the sun), GoS has released their latest model, the Midnight Sun.

This, of course, is in reference to the summers in Lapland where the sun never truly sets. Apparently this gives an interesting effect in the evening, something that’s referred to as the golden light. This is where GoS starts off, with a solid gold dial that has been radially finished to achieve a sunray effect.

To create the shape of the sun, they’ve created a stylized outline using their damascus steel in the chapter ring; the steel also shows up in the form of the hands and case. Interestingly enough, the dial is not the only place where the reference to the sun appears.

If you flip the watch over, you’ll see the results of GoS’s collaboration with Jochen Benzinger. He took the chonometer-grade 6498 (courtesy of Soprod) movement, and applied his own form of skeletonization. The result is one of the more breathtaking, hand-worked movements that I’ve seen as of late.


You’ve got the rays of the sun coming out from the gearing and the balance wheel. I think the blued screws and jewels are used well here, as they call to mind (at least for me) something like sun flares you might see, or when motes of dust float in a ray of light.

As with most of the watches that come from GoS, the Midnight Sun is a limited edition. This time, however, it’s limited to only five pieces, rather than the more common 10 we’ve seen from other runs of their watches; pricing comes in at €13,600 excl VAT (€17,000 including VAT when purchased in Europe). The limited nature of these watches (and this model in particular) I think helps to preserve the “something special” that we have coming from this brand.  goswatches.com

Radial finishing of the dial
Radial finishing of the dial

Tech Specs from GoS

  • Case: Stainless steel and stainless damascus steel 44/45mmx10mm (10ATM)
  • Lug width: 22mm
  • Glass: Flat sapphire glass with AR coating
  • Movement: Swiss manual ETA 6498
  • Movement refinement: Refinished and improved to chronometre grade by the swiss company Soprod.
  • Movement customization: Skeletonized and re-finished by Jochen Benzinger
  • Dial: Solid 18K gold, finished with a sunray effect
  • Index ring/rehaut: Solid damascus steel, shaped and polished by hand
  • Hands: Solid damascus steel, shaped and polished by hand
  • Crown: 9mm in finegrained stainless damascus stainless steel, double gasket crown inset
  • Case finishing: Stainless damascus steel, high gloss polished with GoS logo engraved on case side.
  • Strap: Handcrafted soft nubuck leather, fitted with GoS stainless steel buckle

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