GRAHAM Chronofighter 1695 Silver 2CXAY.S05A soldier (589x800)

While silver more commonly reflects a second place finish, I’m of a mind to say that this latest watch from Graham, done up in silver, is worth a gold medal.  Curious?

We’re all very familiar with the trigger mechanism that Graham employs in their watches (and we saw in our reviews here).  Rightfully so, these are generally seen as sportier watches, with the larger cases made even larger (visually) by the trigger ensconced on the side of the case.

With the Graham Chronofighter 1695 Silver, however, they’re making a bid for your black tie getup, and I think it’s an interesting proposition.  For starters, the 42mm case (smaller than previous entries) is made of silver, as is the bezel, caseback, and the chronograph trigger and pusher.  This material is something that just has a different luster to it than a polished steel would, and just feels luxurious (I’m speaking in general terms here, as we’ve not had the watch in hand – yet).  Combined with reduced case size, I can certainly see the argument for this being a dress piece.

Pocket watch by George Graham (490x800)

That argument is further underscored by the silver colored dial and it’s Roman numerals, which is in reference to George Graham’s original pocketwatch (pictured just above).  Also in homage to Mr. Graham, you have the Greenwich Royal Observatory etched into the silver case back (the Royal Observatory has a rich history with Graham).  Unlike many dress watches, though, Graham has incorporated lume-filled hands, which I think will work quite nicely to broaden the utility of the watch.

Inside that lovely case, you’ve got their Calibre G1745 automatic chronograph movement that offers up a 48 hour power reserve.  Also of note (and in a break with most dress pieces), the Chronofighter Silver 1685 offers a 50m water resistance rating.  Not that you’d want to be getting the silver all that wet, but it’s a handy rating for keeping things dry if you get carried away washing your hands, or in a late-night champagne fight with your other tux-wearing friends.

All in all, this is a very interesting outing from Graham, coming in at a price of $11,500.  I think it keeps with their roots, as well as their styling direction, while presenting a somewhat more refined look, expanding the appeal of their catalog.  While today’s article is just intended as an overview of the watch, we are working at getting a sample in to bring you a truly hands-on review.

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