We’ve been talking about Cadence for a while now and I got the chance to sit down with Vanya Buvac, founder of the company watches and creator of some nice, inexpensive timepieces (including the dirty, dirty 4:20 watch).

The company started when the founder wanted to build a “cadence” sensing watch for rowing. Based near Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row, the first Cadence watch (the heavy quartz LCD model near the top of the picture above) had a built-in weight that sensed your strokes per minute.

Their latest model, the Josh Chadwick, has a quartz LCD face and is clad in brushed metal and will come with either a black or silver bezel.

Vanya is a big fan of geeks (as evidenced by his 4-Bit model) and, apparently, heshers. Generally it’s hard to find an American watch brand with such a dedicated CEO and, or important, fan base.

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Last Update: August 26, 2011

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