I just noticed that my profile has appeared in the NAWCC Bulletin and I thought I’d leave a note here. I’ve been busy writing a book on Breguet and so have had no time to update this blog but you can see who I am and what I do on this site, on my personal site, and you can see my “social media” life here. My day job is writing for CrunchGear.com.

Here is my position statement from the Forums I posted a while ago:

Hello, fellow NAWCC members.

I’m a long-time horology fan and a writer with a fascination with wristwatches and pocket watches. I’ve run a watch blog, WristWatchReview.com, since 2004 and have written about horology for multiple magazines and newspapers including Watch Journal and the New York Times. I’m also working on a book on the life of Breguet to be published in 2011. I also run a watch podcast with another watch blogger that can be found at HourTimeShow.com

My goal has been to bring watchmaking and watch collecting to a new audience and to express the history and wonder of watchmaking to consumers convinced that all that matters is the brand name slapped across the face.

I joined the NAWCC after researching at the headquarters library in Pennsylvania and attending my first Mart. Thanks to the NAWCC Museum and Library I’ve discovered many new things related to watches and watchmaking and I’ve become more enthusiastic about the art and science of timepieces.

What are my goals for the association if I’m elected? To increase awareness of the associations classes, seminars, and resources and to attempt group outreach to the various online sites and forums to encourage growth in membership. The NAWCC is a learning organization and the various workshops should inspire and instruct a new generation in the horological arts.

I am fairly new to the organization but I respect its mission and resources and see them as an excellent opportunity to groom a new generation of watchmaking enthusiasts. My efforts will be focused on improving our Internet presence and leveraging various techniques to spread the word about the organization. Why is this important? Because in quick poll of some of the more prominent watch bloggers I know the NAWCC was recognized once. For such a prominent and valuable organization, we are sadly underrepresented in the watch collecting world at large.

Thank you and I would sincerely appreciate your vote.

Again, thanks for visiting and hope to speak to you at a Mart or Meeting soon.

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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