Our buddy Steve over at Benarus posted up this video (after the break) about a shipment to Russia gone awry.  Let him know if you can help decipher any of the paperwork.  It stinks that this sort of thing happened, both for the customer and Benarus itself.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Sorry to hear this story.
    It seems that the Russian post office has a or some dishonest employee/s. I suspect at the point of customs clearance.
    My advice to you would be not to cut off your revenue stream from Russia, but just insist that shipments have to go through a mainstream courier service such as FedEx, DHL or UPS and charge the customer for this.
    I lived in Moscow for 7 years and it was the case that anything sent to me by post had been opened before I collected it.
    Anything I wanted sending of any value, I had sent through DHL.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I’ve worked in DHL bonded warehouse for over 6 years. Although Darrens theory about customs clearance is valid, the real red flag for me is the missent/missorted label. This means that your shipment has been wandering around somewhere, where it shouldn’t and some dishonest people, who know how to work the system, might have taken an advantage of that.
    My advice – use DHL, UPS or FedEX and ALWAYS go for full insurance.

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