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Help Janis Trading figure out how many watches to build



Earlier this week, we caught word of some input that Janis Trading (formerly known as Lew & Huey; L&H is now a brand of the company) is looking for with regards to their new line of NTH Subs. When you get into things like their being eight different variants, and only 1000 pieces being built, the math would seem pretty simple – 125 of each, right?



As it turns out, Chris Vail wants to ensure that he produces where the demand is – and gets the quantities right for the pre-order pricing discounts on the new NTH Subs. In other words, if you help register your interest now, it will go a long way towards ensuring that enough of your preferred model are built – and likely available at the discounted pre-order pricing.


Vail has setup a simple survey that will allow you to register your interest (regardless of pricing or date window option) so he can gauge where to focus his efforts. For those not yet familiar with the NTH Sub lineup, you can check out those right here. As for us, we have not seen any of the watches in the steel yet, but we will work to bring you hands-on impressions if and when we are able to. For me, I do like what I see; I particularly find the lumed crown an interesting detail. In the meantime, let us know what you think – does the world need another Submariner-inspired watch? janistrading.com

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