Be bop a loo bop, everybody, because Junghans is here to take you for a ride. The Junghans Meister Driver Automatic is a 1950s-style drivers watch that looks like it would go great behind the wheel of a mint green Pontaic. These three hander automatics feature a date window at 6 o’clock and should cost about $1,250 when it ships.

From the release:

?Flame red, sky blue and mint green – colours that express enjoyment and lightness characterise the new models of the Meister Driver Automatic. The dashboards of historical automobiles served as in- spiration for the design of the Meister Driver: The
domed dials with effective polished lacquer and distinctive hour and minute markers are typical for automobile design, as is the calfskin strap with perforated lining leather. The engine of the watch, the self-winding movement, conveys the feeling of freedom and independence that emerged in the 1950s. With the Meister Driver Automatic Junghans presents a timepiece that brings true emotion to the wrist.

I really like the colors on these guys. They’re a little staid for my taste – a little a little complication for my money – but my my hey hey rock and roll is here to stay so let’s strap on our Junghans and do the hand jive.

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