While some of our earlier Historical Horology articles have brought to light some older aspects of our hobby, today, we”ll zoom in to something that”s a little more practical, and potentially of more immediate interest – how to buy a vintage watch.

The article in question () popped up over on Gear Patrol, written by someone most of you should all be familiar with – Jason Heaton (@jasonheaton).  In the course of the article, he covers why you might want to opt for a vintage piece, rather than spending the same dollar amount on a brand new piece.


Along with the Rolex articles we posted up earlier (link), I think that these really can give you some food for thought when in comes time to start thinking about what you might want to save up for – vintage or brand new.  Definitely food for thought!

Images courtesy of Gear Patrol

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One thought on “Historical Horology: Buying Vintage”
  1. Vintage for me every time. I just think when you buy an antique or vintage watch that somehow you are also getting a little piece of history along with it. Some of the modern watches do look great but you just buy more than a watch when you go for vintage.

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