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Today, if you were asked where the best watches were made, what would you say?  Very likely Switzerland, as that country is currently at the top of the heap when it comes to high-quality movements and watches.  That wasn’t always the case, though…

As you could guess from the title of this post, England was actually (once upon a time) the foremost place for having watches made – from approximately 1600 to 1750, many innovations (and inventions) drove the industry forward, and helped bring us to where we are today.

I won’t attempt to summarize all of the names and accomplishments that this article over on WatchPro highlights, but suffice to say – there was a lot of activity going on over in London, and it’s a worthwhile read, to see where this hobby really came from.

Image courtesy of WatchPro

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Last Update: March 14, 2013