In today’s installment of Historical Horology, I just want to give a quick preface, and then set you loose on the main article that I ran across.  In this day and age, many watch brands like to emphasize their lineage, especially if the brand has stayed in the hands of one family.  But what if you you found out that you were a descendant of a founder of a watch company you admire – and that it’s still in family hands?

That’s precisely what happened to Christian Kriegeskotte.  After his father discovered that Laco was still around in 2009, they set about trying to figure out who was actually still running the brand.  Was it a faithful steward, or just some investment group attempting to capitalize on the good name of the brand?  Well, I can’t put it any better than he put it in the article – so head on over to Worn & Wound and check it out.

logo_laco1925 Kopie

By Patrick Kansa

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