UPDATE – Fixed the audio. Should be better.

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  1. I think something went wrong with the editing!

    John’s track comes too late. You first hear him through Ariel’s headphones. A couple of seconds later you hear the actual signal from the microphone. Can you please fix this?

    (and, Ariel, weren’t not supposed to hear your headphones. Buy closed headphones, or turn down the volume ;)!)

    Love the show!

  2. The Quinting Mystery watch has been around for quite a while. I saw one at a shop in Zurich back in 2002. Very cool looking, but a bit big and pretty expensive. It was several years before I found out who made it. I should have been paying more attention.
    The pictures of these watches really do not do justice to them. I’m not sure how well the transparent feature works on the wrist, however.

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