Here’s the latest HourTime podcast, my little side project with Ariel Adams. Note, there’s a special surprise near the middle of the show so take a listen. Remember, head over to HourTime to drop your comment.

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  1. My first watch an digital/quartz Alba when I was 9 which I paid for myself. I have a habit of breaking watches so I have never really worn a too expensive watch.

    I was wondering which is the single most difficult complication to produce? I understand that Tourbillons are really like having a spoiler on a golf cart – more for show than real performance. What would you consider as the most technically advanced mechanical watch?

    It would be great if you could have some recommendations on mechanical watches in the $500-$1000 category. I am taking your advice and looking for a Seiko Orange Monster to start off my collection.

    Just a final point – Sylar is it an actual watch brand?

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