The grandest of all Seiko. The Polish Airforce and watches that honor it. And real, time-telling watch cufflinks. These things have nothing to do with each other, but we like them all, all on this HourTime podcast!

The mention of the Polish airforce sounds like a bad retelling of any old Polish Navy / submarine with windows joke we would have told as kids. Surprisingly, at the dawn of the aviation age, the Poles were building planes at the end of WWI that would take them through the fight of World War II. These Gerlach watches honor that heritage.

Victor and John struggle a little with what the value differential is between a 5000 dollar Grand Seiko and a 50,000 Grand Seiko. Is the finishing really that much better? Could it be?

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By Victor Marks

sometimes described as "The best bang since the Big One."

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