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Hublot Big Bang: Played Out?


hublotsml.jpgLooks like Hublot has finally jumped the shark with the Big Bang. They’ve driven it so deeply into the ground that even guys like Chad, who SELLS watches for a living, is sick of it. I liked it at first – it has a nice style, a nice heritage, and a nice story. However, now that they’ve covered it over with rose gold, diamonds, and elf sprinkles, I’m getting kind of tired of it.

Not Such A Hit! [Chad the Watch Guy]

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  1. I saw one in person in a watch shop in Chicago. It was never my thing, but people who love them are fanatical about them. And if you look at the forum over at TZ, it doesn’t seem like there’s any fizzle.

  2. I do definitely agree that diamonds are not a logical material choice for a big bang. They seem very foreign for a watch w/ such an agressive design . The rose gold however looks amazing w/ the ceramic and rubber, but again seems to go against the bulletproof design image of a sport watch. I must admit that I’m one of those who love Hublot. I bought a classic (their first design style) years ago because of the very clean , contemporary lines. Now I’m looking @ the big bang. Yeah, they definitely aren’t for everyone, But the Prez. Mr. Biver has in my opinion created a very beautiful watch line. The argument that its (big bang) a royal oak ripoff is in the eyes of the beholder. There really aren’t any truly original ideas when it comes to watch design
    (excluding material choices) Every good ( and bad) watch owes its looks to something previous. Proportion, scale, texture these are all very important features in a watch that are handled better by some.

    I guess what I’m saying is today innovative watch design seems to push the boundaries of materials to new and different choices. The rubber strap is in my opinion durable, comfortable and beautiful (form is following function). Leather straps seem to age poorly for something worn daily esp. when looking @ a sport watch.

    The splash Hublot has made can seem to some like hype, but all companies want some hype for their products. The awards won by Hublot are proof of its impact on the watch world. You can already see other watch makers following Hublot trends. Maybe some of these trends were started by others, but Hublot has been very successful in making them more popular through their interpretaions of watch design. That to me is signifigant because it shows great attention to all aspects of design. There’s plenty of room out there for many tastes. The true test of whether Hublot is really great won’t really be answered until their watches survive histories hindsight of what looks good today as it it did when intruduced, and how well do their mechanical qualities work 10, 20 years in the future .

  3. Are these supposed to appeal to the upscale urban crowd, like Marc Ecko?

    I was at everal mid-to-high end watch shops this week and saw a number of black folks shopping for watches… ALL were buying Movado. Just thought I’d share that piece of info… 🙂

  4. Mike– I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased my FIRST Hublot BB Stainless yesterday, and I happen to be African American. As in other areas of life, race has little influence on one’s product preference. Educate yourself.

  5. Cant believe some loser commented on “black folk” buying Movado. I am Scottish raised in England lived in Belgium France Sweden and US (9 years) now live in Ukraine. There are people buying Movado in all places of all colors and religions and nationalities. Idiot!!

    Watch choice is governed more by disposable income than any other factor so if you took the top 5% of earners in any country of any ethnicity you would find remarkable similarities.

    Here in Ukraine and in Russia nobody buys Rolex or Cartier… but Hublot, Girrard P, Vacheron, De Grisgno, Patek etc… are big sellers. The hublot is in every magazine and seems very hard to come by. Probably buoyed by the fact they have very nice women’s range (women here are beautiful but LOVE and EXPECT nice jewelry and clothes!) and many men buy these as gifts to :show their appreciation” of a woman’s company.

    In Eastern Europe its the lower end of the big brands but very popular among the nearly wealthiest but better educated and less “status”focussed who regularly spend $100k + on a watch and a Vertu mobile phone… because without it YOU ARE NOT in the scene of the Oligarchs and the soon to be “O”, or want to be “O” crowd.

    (scottish which means by MIKE’s categorization, i am not white or black but that Celtic sort of plae white with reddish subburn color… 🙂 …)

  6. Come here Robert…
    It’s time for you to go to grammar school.

    BTW, Don’t be a Troll, Robbie dear.

    And please, folks, don’t feed the Troll.

  7. What are you all babbling about…?
    Not about the watch at least, so I will do:
    The Hublot Big Bang is one of the finest watches for our era…offcourse you can stick to the old boring style but the Big Bang is a revolution in watch design…and it is a good one

  8. I bought one with the 114 diamonds, love it, excuse to buy it for my wife’s birthday, but I am more likely to wear it on occassions.

  9. I would definitely recommend the bb. Watch/timepiece design in this current era is differentiated. Hublot is becoming a leader in the industry and with backing from LMVH, there are no limits…

    word to the wise, if you shop where movado and timex are sold you are out of league for a hublot. its that simple….

  10. Funny. I just googled Movado and it came up with two things – pictures of watches and pictures of black people. Turns out Mike was right after all, in weird kind of way.

  11. Just got a BB Ice bang, 44mm, you know what i love about it, you don’t see others wearing the samething, a big part of its allure is exclusivity. why would wear an Oyster, Daytona, Tank or any of these common models. No one knows what my BB is and I love it that way, the BB ice bang is understated, but if you look at it you know it’s quality. don’t you love it when you know something that others don’t…… (for the majority of the population). as for the price, i’m fine with that if it keeps the rest of the general public out.

  12. wow you guys really need to get some perspective….this is so ugly – think for yourself people just because people say they are worth it doesn’t mean a thing – the manufacturer depends on people to believe the hype so they can mark up their watches 2000 fold…you guys remind me of a joke – what is the definition of yuppies? yes, under peer pressure i’d eat shit =)

  13. I love my watches especially my big chunky watches. I own Graham London, IWC, Rolex, Catier, Tiffany, and my most recent purchase is the Hubolt Big Bang Steel Ceramic and it is amazing, an eye catcher a topic of conversation. And those who are watch aficionados like myself can pick one out on the street. The reason it looks like the Royal Oak is because some of the parts are manufactured by Audmers Pigot ( ROLEX IS PLAYED, But still a very nice watch)

  14. This range is simply stunning. Some of the designs are very bold, which is always going to divide opinion, because it’s very ‘love it or hate it’ at times. Personally, the Big Bang range is just brilliant, and I couldn’t be happier with my All Black Fusion.

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