Hublot’s Big Bang series has long done a lot of heavy lifting for the brand. Launched at a time when multi-material watches – rubber, ceramic, steel, gold – were just coming into vogue, the concept has sustained Hublot for decades.

This new piece, the 45mm Unico Sky Blue, is more of the same but just a little bit more. Made of blue ceramic, this oddly calming watch is a minimalist two-register flyback chronograph with a date window at 3 o’clock and a column-wheel design. The entire thing is skeletonized to within an inch of its life.

From Hublot:

Beneath a minimalist appearance, its pale blue reveals nonetheless a material whose resistance to wear is undisputed. This is ceramic, which Hublot has come to master. In 2019, Hublot created ceramic in bright colours, a patented world first. Since then, all ? or almost all ? of the Pantone colours are within its reach. The Big Bang Unico Sky Blue brings together two Hublot essentials?the iconic Big Bang model and the Swiss watchmaker?s material of choice. A watch and a material that have been writing Hublot?s history for 15 years.

I personally love this color – it’s rich and odd – and you’re going to be paying $21,500 to slip it on your wrist. Sadly, you don’t get a free beach vacation with every purchase.

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Last Update: July 24, 2020

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