Hey, getting cool names assigned to watches can’t just be the domain of Rolex, right? I know, I’m a bit more Batman-oriented than most, but the color scheme on the recently-announced Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech puts me in mind of Nightwing.

Now, the casual observer could argue (and not totally without merit) that Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech looks like, well, every other Panerai that came before it. For me, there’s a reason that a design becomes iconic and can stand the test of time without major changes.

While the case shape of the Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech is no doubt familiar and recognizable, the material used for it is – I’m guessing – not like anything else in your watch box. You see, it’s made of (wait for it) Carbotech! What this is is a composite material made from carbon fiber, which means you get a very tough material in a lighter package (this watch comes in at 96g). If you’ve not handled a carbon fiber watch case, it also brings along a very interesting visual texture, as well as something that feels neither warm nor cold on the wrist – it’s juuuuuust right.

Tucked into the case of the Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech is a black and blue color combination (always good in my book) though, surprisingly, the lume used on the sandwich dial actually glows green rather than blue. Presumably, this is to help with low-light situations, you know, like if you’re diving to take use of 300m WR rating.

While I tend to like the smaller cases sizes (or their GMT models) I can say I really do rather like the looks of this newest Panny. Should you be rowing that same boat, you can get your own Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech for the princely sum of $12,800 direct from the brand. panerai.com

Tech Specs from Panerai

ByPatrick Kansa

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