I want this. Comments?


  1. I’m way ahead of you. An alarm, GMT, automatic that isn’t styled for a pinstripe suit. I’ve been thrown out of shops for leaving a drool puddle on the case over this one.


  2. God, isn’t that the rub of Panerai? It’s not as bad as anonimo – I love the design but the faces just make me puke – but those fat numbers and all the crap they put on there makes me think of a box of Pep Boys spark plugs instead of a submarine. I think Bell&Ross does a great job with their design but this bastard is timeless.

  3. Funny that you mention the Panerai Alarm GMT…

    That has been on my “want” list for quite a long time, and I am finally getting one. After a lot of debate with myself (do I want to spend the $$$ Panerai premium for a GP watch in a Panerai case?), and convincing the wife that I would sell off a part of my collection to finance it, I have one on hold.

    In my case, I actually have a use for the multiple time-zones, AND the alarm. At my work, we reference GMT on a daily basis, and it’s much easier to have my watch give me the info then keep doing the calculations in my head. And I use a watch alarm on a regular basis to remind me when it’s the end of a shift.

    I just love the look of the Panerai 98.

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