4 thoughts on “I want…”
  1. I’m way ahead of you. An alarm, GMT, automatic that isn’t styled for a pinstripe suit. I’ve been thrown out of shops for leaving a drool puddle on the case over this one.


  2. It is a tremendous watch, but something about the font that Panerai uses on its dials for its numbers has always rubbed me the wrong way.

  3. God, isn’t that the rub of Panerai? It’s not as bad as anonimo – I love the design but the faces just make me puke – but those fat numbers and all the crap they put on there makes me think of a box of Pep Boys spark plugs instead of a submarine. I think Bell&Ross does a great job with their design but this bastard is timeless.

  4. Funny that you mention the Panerai Alarm GMT…

    That has been on my “want” list for quite a long time, and I am finally getting one. After a lot of debate with myself (do I want to spend the $$$ Panerai premium for a GP watch in a Panerai case?), and convincing the wife that I would sell off a part of my collection to finance it, I have one on hold.

    In my case, I actually have a use for the multiple time-zones, AND the alarm. At my work, we reference GMT on a daily basis, and it’s much easier to have my watch give me the info then keep doing the calculations in my head. And I use a watch alarm on a regular basis to remind me when it’s the end of a shift.

    I just love the look of the Panerai 98.

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