First off, why didn’t anyone tell me about TimeTV? These guys have created a video blog about watches and the production quality is excellent. They just came back from Basel and I’ll try to share a few videos with you guys once I dig through their mess of video.

Second off, this is the Blu MT3 Majesty Tourbillon, a watch that uses an amazingly small and light Tourbillon movement to reduce the total weight of the watch to mere grams. The bugger doesn’t even really have a face, just a little hand that rides the Tourbillon wheel. Very cool.

The watch costs 205,000 euro. Just sayin’.

via my good buddy at Fratello


  1. Hi,

    Please kindly remove the video from your post as you do not have the rights to use the video or player from TheTimeTV. Although you mentioned that this video was taken from Fratello Watches, we basically do not allow any “ripping” from other websites. Please either remove this video immediately or we will stop the player from functioning.

    Thank you.

    Sincere regards

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