AVI-8 makes some great aviation inspired watches, and this one is another great one. Many of their models take inspiration from either the cockpit or the plane itself. AVI-8 is releasing a new model to the Hawker Hunter line and this one is way cool. This new Hawker Hunter 4052 will be available for pre-order on April 13th. AVI-8 was kind enough to send me one to review. Lets check this out.

The Dial

As I mentioned, AVI-8 likes to take inspiration from the cockpit for their watch design. In this new model of the Hawker Hunter, it looks like they literally took the gauges from the cockpit and put them right on the dial. Likewise, the hands look like they were pulled from an altimeter gauge, and the stopwatch minute sub dial looks like a fuel gauge screwed on to the dial. Continuing the theme, there is also a 24 hour sub dial which is screwed onto the dial like a gauge would be in a cockpit. Powering this chronograph is a Japanese Quartz Chronograph with 10 minutes retrograde, 24hours, and date functions.

The Case

The case on the AVI-8 Hawker Hunter 4052 is made from stainless steel with aluminum pushers, measuring in at 45mm wide and 12mm thick. There are 4 bolts on each corner of this case which makes it look as if you can bolt it down with all the other instruments in the cockpit. The single red start/stop pusher looks great in contrast to the black case and ties together with the red hands on the dial. In order to reduce clutter and make room for the gauge like sub dials, AVI-8  has omitted all the hour numbers except for 0,1,2,4, and 6. This looks fine to me and there are hour makers for each hour anyway.

The Lume

I love the lume on this AVI-8 Hawker Hunter 4052. AVI-8 has put a lot of lume on the hours makers, hour numbers, hour hand, and minute. The lume charges fast and glows bright. This is one of the most legible watches in the dark I’ve spent time with recently.

The Strap

All the AVI-8 Hawker Hunter 4052 models come with thick leather straps. There are a lot of holes for adjustment and I was able to find the perfect fit for me. Although the leather is thick, the strap was very soft and comfortable. AVI-8 uses a signed pin and buckle clasp with a flat, wide pin. Each model has accent stitching which matches the case.

Overall Impression

AVI-8 makes a lot of great looking aviation inspired watch and I think is one of the coolest looking ones they have made. There is a lot going on here visually and this is sure to get some attention. This new model starts at 195 GBP or approximately $243 for the stainless model, and 220 GBP ($275) for IP-Black versions. You can sign up for the pre-order which will go live on April 13th at avi-8.co-uk.


  • Brand and model: AVI-8 Hawker Hunter AV-4052
  • Price: $243 USD to $275 USD
  • Who’s it for: Aviation watch collectors.
  • Would I wear it: Yes
  • What I’d change: Like it the way it is.
  • The best thing about it: Love the gauges on the dial.

Tech Specs from AVI-8

  • Case: Stainless Steel with Aluminum Pusher.
  • Case size: 45mm wide, 12mm thick
  • Case color: IP-Black
  • Dial Color: black
  • BAND : Genuine Leather Strap
  • BAND COLOUR : Tan / Brown / Grey / Black
  • BUCKLE : Strap Buckle
  • BAND WIDTH (mm) : 22

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