Readers of this site will be familiar with the brand GasGasBones, as we reviewed their rather excellent nylon-and-velcro straps back in July of 2012. While they’re still turning out a variety of straps, they’ve expanded into other leather goods, as well as trying their hand at making a watch – the 6B MK1.

So, first off, why 6B? As it turns out, that’s a common prefix used for the RAF – and as GGB is located in Great Britain, it works well. Add to that the fact that this is a aviation-style piece, the connection becomes a good bit clearer.


Well, it’s labeled as an aviation watch. To my eye, it seems more of a general puprpose military-inspired piece, but I think that’s being more used to the flieger-style when it comes to aviation watches. Regardless, the end result is more-or-less the same – a very clean and legible timepiece.

So, a smaller brand starting up an even smaller run of watches (this first batch is limited to 20 pieces) – what sort of movement do you think was used? Given what we normally showcase here at WWR, it’s be tempting to think it’d be a Miyota of some flavor, or perhaps as Chinese movement. To the contrary – the 6B MK1 actually utilizes a Valjoux 7750, which means you’ll have a very accurate time (and timing), along with it being something your local watchmaker should be able to service without an issue.


Topping the dial, you’ve got a crisp black and white dial, with subseconds at 9 o’clock, chrono minutes at 12 o’clock, and chrono hours down at 6 o’clock. Where you might expect to see a date window, we instead have the 6B and MK1 logos appearing over at 3 o’clock, which does give a sort of balance to the circles coming from the registers.

Personally, I would’ve gone with a single circle and shown just the brand or the model, but that’s just me.
The hands are simple “sticks”, appropriately sized (to the watch and each other), and are lume filled, as are the numerals on the dial. This is all tucked into a stainless steel case with carries the hallmarks of functionality (brushed finished, simple engraving on the caseback) that goes well with the overall theme of the watch. Overall, it’s a very well-done chronograph, and it’s a style I think many will find appealing.


Of course, with GasGasBones having it’s roots in watch accessories, the MK1 isn’t just tossed into some mass-market box that you’ll end up tossing in the bin. Instead, they’ve created quite a lovely leather wallet that not only holds the watch, but the two GGB straps that are included (they also include a NATO G10 strap that’s literally military issue, but it doesn’t look like it fits in the wallet slots), as well as the Bergeron screwdriver used to change the straps out.

Of course, once you’ve got the watch mounted on a strap (with carbon fiber bar tubes to eliminate any wobble or slack), you can tuck the extra components away in the outer packaging included, and then use the wallet itself to carry paperwork (or whatever you may need it for). This is an extra bit of utility you don’t normally have from your watch packaging, and I think it’s a great way to showcase the leather workmanship that they’ve expanded into lately.


All told, this is an exceedingly compelling package. Wrapped up in a 44mm stainless steel case (including the crown) held in place by 20mm lugs, and topped with a flat sapphire crystal, there’s a lot to really like about this new series. Given the limited-edition nature of the watches (only 20 in existence) and the components used, the asking price of £1,595 ( approximately $2,644) isn’t that surprising.  If you want one, you’ll need to move fast – there are only three left of the original twenty.

Given the attention to detail that GGB gives their straps and leather goods, you can rest assured they are ensuring the level of quality in the MK1 meets their stringent standards, and upholds what we’ve come to expect from the brand. I think the MK1 is a great first outing for the 6B brand, and I’m looking forward to what will be coming next – we’re told the MK2 is already in the works.


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