Our first 1-year ad sponsor, who will grace these pages until next April, is Blancier, our favorite custom watch site. Created by a watchmaker and a watch aficionado, the company has grown from a tiny factory in Germany into a custom powerhouse with amazing pieces at all price points. www.blancier.com is a great site and a great way to get a customized watch at a decent price. Please check them out.



  1. These look like Russian Moljina movements. Not necessarily a bad thing, but they don’t all look swiss.

    Nice looking watches, though. I do like the customization aspect, for sure.

  2. This base movement we use is a Cortebert, a Swiss movement. It is a very robust movement in former times also used by Rolex and Pannerai. We use this base movement because it’s very reliable and suitable for beautifying as you can see. That will also make the price difference. The last two movements are our own Manufacture movements.

    If you are in the virtual workshop (your workshop) and click on the green info button at the different parts this info button gives you info about the particular part.

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