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Introducing the Christopher Ward C1 Worldglow


It does not feel like it was all that long ago that we were going hands on with the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern World Timer – but it was. Two years ago, which feels like a lifetime ago. Well, in that time, we also saw the brand playing with luminous material via the C1 Moonglow. Well, what if you put those two in a blender? Then you’d have the just-announced Christopher Ward C1 Worldglow.

It may sound like a little thing, but in my book, making liberal use of glow on a dial can really spark up my interest. Particularly for an existing model – at first glance, it’s not that different. And then the lights go down… I mean, you can see the images here, and the video which we embedded down below.

I particularly like how the GMT indication (the red search beam in daylight) blocks out the glowing outer ring, giving you a very clear – and still clever – indication of where you are in the 24-hour cycle that’s being tracked. Frankly, by making the map luminous, it gives it some purpose on the dial. In the prior version, it was there as a design detail, but it didn’t “do” much other than indicate it was a globe-trotting watch.

Now, however, with that brightly-glowing dial, the Christopher Ward C1 Worldglow gives us a welcome refreshing of the watch we first saw a few years back. In fact, if you wonder if you might like it, I’d suggest you read our review, as your experience (glowing dials aside) will be largely the same today. You can get your own – £1,750 on a strap, or £1,800 on a mesh bracelet – direct from christopherward.com

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