In the world of watches, it?s the story that can play a major part in getting your attention. The Kickstarter brands realize that, but they often fall into the ditch with the ?I couldn?t find what I wanted? pitch (especially when it?s a parts-bin special). With this new Edox Skydiver, they?ve managed to craft a story that gives the model some mystery.

With the Edox Skydiver, they say that thing started with a drawing found in their archives, with this note on it: ?1973. Special production in strictly limited edition.? Then, light is shed by an unnamed retired watchmaker that it was made for some unnamed colonel that wanted a watch for his unit, but swore the brand to secrecy. In that, you?ve got a brand tying things up with intrigue, actual military connections, and a nod to their own history. Is it total hogwash, or is there some grain of truth in there? I really don?t know – I just know it paints a narrative that wants you to take a closer look at the watch.

On one hand, you could dismiss the Edox Skydiver as a YASC (?yet another Submariner clone?), and you wouldn?t be wrong. This is due primarily to the dial layout (circles, bars, and triangle) along with the triple lines of text on the bottom. But, there?s something to be said for a design that, well, just works and keeps things legible. Over that dial you?ve got a sword-and-arrow handset that looks well-proportioned. The bezel is another sub-nod as well. Unlike those vintage watches, we?ve got a scratch-resistant ceramic insert (with a lume pip, of course). This surrounds a 2mm-thick sapphire crystal, so up top, you?ve got some good protection.

Surrounding the movement in the Edox Skydiver (in this case, the Caliber 80 which is based on the SW200) you?ve got a 42mm stainless steel case in a classic profile with integrated crown guards. The case is a relatively thin 11.5mm, so it should slip nicely under a cuff. Holding it all in place on your wrist is either a grey nylon strap (meh) or a stainless steel bracelet (yass).

The original

For the pleasure of strapping one of the 555 examples of the Edox Skydiver being produced onto your wrist, you?ll need to bring ?1390 (~$1,531) to the table. Perhaps a bit more than we?d expect for the SW200, but if you?re looking for a Swiss-built watch that is something a little different than your average YASC, this one is not a bad route to go. It?s just a shame the TV-screen cyclops didn?t make it over from the original.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Edox Skydiver
  • Price: ?1390 (~$1,531)
  • Who we think it might be for: You like the classic sub look, and want something Swiss-made (and not some generic knockoff)
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I?ve seen?If the cyclops had made it forward, perhaps. As it is, here with the green dial, I?m not seeing enough that would have me chomping at the bit.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Get that crazy cyclops brought into the modern era

Tech Specs from Edox

  • ?42MM
  • Caliber 80 (SW200)
  • Stainless steel case
  • Ceramic bezel
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance: 300M / 30 ATM
  • SuperLuminova on hands and indices
  • Screw-down crown
  • 11.5MM case height
  • Weight: 145g

By Patrick Kansa

A big data developer and leader with a penchant for gadgets, books, watches and beverages. You can find my work on WristWatchReview, Knapsack.News, and Slushpile. If you're on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll find me there as @PatrickWatches.