I have done many Gruppo Gamma reviews and I have never been disappointed. All of their watches have been based on vintage diver watches, but now they have one that not specifically inspired by a watch. This is the new Gruppo Gamma Nexus, and it’s inspired by a depth gauge. I have been looking forward to reviewing this one. Gruppo Gamma was able to send me out a pre-production model and right away I could tell this was something special.

The dial on this Gruppo Gamma Nexus is inspired by the depth gauges worn by frogmen back in the 1940’s. This look most resembles the vintage Luminor Panerai depth guage. The multi layered sandwich dial and that large minute hand has the same exact look as the vintage Luminor guage. Great way of incorporating that vintage look into a modern watch. Aside from that great dimensional look of the dial there is one thing that really stands out. Mounted on the rear of the minute hand is jumping hour disc. This rotates around with the minute hand and at each hour, it jumps to the next hour. This really gets away from the simple three handers out there. All of this is protected by a very thick top hat sapphire crystal. Tired of boring dials? Well , here you go.

Sporting a cool looking aged steel finish and measuring in at 44mm this watch is sure to make a statement. The Gruppo Gamma Nexus really veers off from the norm. For one, the crown is situated at the 6’oclock, rather then 3 o’clock. To protect the crown there is a end link crown guard that when its on the wrist you can not accidentally pull out the crown. The exhibition case shows off a propeller-styled rotor and the Miyota 8215 automatic movement underneath.

The strap on this Gruppo Gamma Nexus is large but in proportion with the size and style of this watch. It’s a large strap but the leather is very soft and feels really comfortable on the wrist. The pin and buckle clasp is pretty large but that following the theme of this watch, and it does seem to stay out of the way. The buckle is also finished in the same aged finish as the case.

Totally loving the lume in the Gruppo Gamma Nexus. Everything that should light up does, and when it does, it looks good. That hour disk really helps bring the dial to life and the minute and bold. Pretty much everything on here is bold. The lume used on this watch is a Swiss Super Luminova with vintage coloring. Does not take a long exposure to provide a long glow. Very nice.

With its dimensional dial, jumping hour module, huge crystal, and unusual crown placement, this should really get some attention. This Gruppo Gamma Nexus is very well built and fun watch. If you are looking for something trying unique, you might want to think about this one. They are going to become available this month. So if you are interested go check them out at gruppogammawatches.com.


  • Brand and model: Gruppo Gamma Nexus
  • Price: $850
  • Who?s it for: Collectors wanting something truly different.
  • Would I wear it: Absolutly
  • What I?d change: Good the way it is.
  • The best thing about it: That crazy dial.

Tech Specs from Gruppo Gamma

  • Case: Mk I Nexus, 316L stainless steel, aged finish. Exhibition caseback and push-pull crown.
  • Crystal: Top hat sapphire crystal with underside anti-reflective coating.
  • Movement: Miyota 8215 with customised module, automatic uni-directional winding, 21600 bph, accuracy between -20 to +40 s/ day, power reserve 30 hrs, signature rotor.
  • Dial: Multi-layer sandwich dial, markers filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova? vintage color. Black hour disc with Swiss Super-LumiNova? vintage color. Gold color minute hand with Swiss Super-LumiNova? vintage color.
  • Strap: Vegetable tanned leather, ochre brown, length 125/75mm, width 22/22mm with buckle
  • Measurements: Diameter 44mm, length 52mm lug-to-lug, height 15.5mm, lug width 22mm, weight 110g with strap
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Accessories: Screwdriver for strap changes, travel pouch.

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