Yes, that’s right, THAT Pininfarina. More commonly known for penning some rather unique car designs, now they’ve turned their attentions to a smart watch, collaborating with the crew over at Globics to create what’s known as the Pininfarina Senso.

What is it?

Well, if you’ve seen a hybrid smart watch before (like the one we reviewed here), you’ll be quite familiar with what the Pininfarina Senso is doing. Basically, you get the look of an analog watch design (here, housed in a cushion case with chronograph-style pushers flanking the crown). Early versions of these types of watches relied on subdials to show information, but now they’ve gone to small OLED displays that can pop up information.

Why might you want one?

A hybrid smartwatch is sort of that middle ground between going all-in on a fully digital experience on the wrist or hewing closely to the good ol’ mechanical watch. In our estimation, unless you’re training seriously for an event (say, a bike race or marathon), a hybrid option is going to get the job done. It can track all sorts of stuff, and when paired with your phone (and the phone’s GPS is on) it can tell just how far you’ve gone on your walk. Should you feel the need, it can also deliver notifications from your phone as well.

What all can it track?

Well, all the stuff you would expect from just about any modern watch coming out that carries the “smart” designation. Here’s everything it can quantify:

  • HEALTH: accurately trace heart rate zones, variability (HRV), and generate electrocardiograph (ECG) readings. Sensors detect breathing disturbances through oxygen levels (SPO2).
  • WELLNESS: Senso functions as a personal health monitor, enhancing your internal power. It’s equipped with a stress monitor to manage strain and wellness reminders to promote activity and hydration.
  • SLEEP: Offering precise sleep monitoring, SENSO derives an accurate sleep score out of 100%, aiding users in enhancing sleep depth and efficiency.
  • TRAINING: Efficiently track steps, distance and calories burned, along with activity tracking for optimized workouts. With various sports modes, it aids in improving performance.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Discreet notifications offer quick health stats as well as text and phone call alerts. GPS compass determines global location, and Bluetooth remote effortlessly controls devices.

Would we recommend one?

Again, if you’re smartwatch-curious but don’t want to go fully digital – and you’re not training for a serious athletic event – then one like the Pininfarina Senso should definitely get the job done. We came away very well-impressed with a similar model from another brand (seen here), so we presume there will be a similar experience here, though this one skews towards a slightly dressier look. And that said, we’ve not seen one in person yet, so there’s that caveat in the recommendation as well.

How can you get one?

While it might be tricky to get a Pininfarina design parked in your garage, putting one on your wrist should be a fairly simple affair. They’re available in four different color schemes (all with leather straps, so you’ll want to pick up a 22mm rubber or silicone strap to excercise with) for $399. Perhaps a bit pricey for a brand (well, Globics, not Pininfarina) that not many of us have heard of, but they do appear to have a track record with these devices (given their catalog). You can check out the Pininfarina Senso – and buy your own – directly at

Tech Specs from Globics

  • Case material: 316L Stainless steel
  • Glass: Sapphire glass
  • Size: 44mm diameter, 16mm thickness, Strap width 22mm
  • Water resistance:5 ATM / 50 Meters
  • Band: Genuine Italian leather strap, with quick-release pin for easy attachment
  • Battery: Up to 30 days with full battery charge
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android
  • Connectivity: BLE 5.0
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Electrocardiogram, Optical heart rate sensor, 3D magnetometer
    • ECG and SpO2
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Sleep Tracker
    • Activity Tracker
    • Digital OLED Screen
    • Extended Battery Life

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