If you’ve been reading us for any amount of time now, you know we (and, presumably, you and your fellow watch lovers) like unique presentations and designs.  Sure, not every design will please everyone, but sometimes you just have to take a stab at things, and see what works.  Projects Watches has been turning out interesting creations that spring from the minds of folks who don’t normally design watches – think, architects and electronics gurus.  The latest creations to hit their catalog are the Overlap and the Tangency.

The first one, the Projects Watches Overlap, is an interesting design, tucked into a 40mm case.  While it looks like the band extends into the case (and is visible), that is just a clever illusion.  Over the top of that on the dial, you’ve got three discs.  The topmost one is the running seconds, and then you’ve got clear discs for the hours and minutes, which will intersect each other once per hour.  Should be an interesting show, and at $140, it won’t break the bank.


The other new watch, the Projects Watches Tangency, is my favorite one of the two.  This one also uses discs to overlap, but you have what looks like a more traditional handset.  This makes it look like an elliptical path in some cases (just an illusion), with them overlapping at times as well.  This is also a 40mm watch, and comes in at $135.  Both are interesting options, I think, and would serve you well for something a bit different than the norm, all while maintaining affordability. projectswatches.com

ByPatrick Kansa

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