There are all sorts of different putties out there for kids to play with – heat-sensitive, magnetic, glowing, and the like. There’s no disputing that the OG of them all is Silly Putty. I mean, can your glitter-filled putty lift ink from a newspaper? To commemorate this durable childhood staple, we’ve got a new watch, the Shinola Detrola Silly Putty.

By now, you are likely familiar with the Shinola Detrola. If not, well, we’ve written about it here, here, here, and here. In short, it’s a watch featuring a resin case that is allowing Shinola all sorts of latitude to have fun with color. Here, the case is made in a red that evokes those shiny red eggs that silly putty comes in. The dial? The very same color of silly putty. The only question then is – what do you accent it with?

I’d say they’ve got a good eye for colors, because the Shinola Detrola Silly Putty picked aqua for the accent color on the dial and with the strap, and it mixes it just right. Sure, it’s got a bit of an 80s vibe with the color scheme, but that’s when I was a kid and playing with silly putty – so it just plain works. It’s also a solid color combo for the rapidly approaching spring, I’d say.

It’s also a solid way to celebrate Silly Putty turning 71. For just $395 you can get a Shinola Detrola Silly Putty of your very own to put on your wrist. As an added bonus, it even comes with a brand new egg of the Silly Putty, so you can go ahead make those stretchy photo copies.

Tech Specs from Shinola

  • CASE: Cherry Red TR90 resin with double-domed K1 crystal. 43mm x 12.55mm thick
  • DIAL: Silly Putty with Super-LumiNova hands.
  • FUNCTIONS: Hours, minutes, seconds, date indicator.
  • MOVEMENT: Argonite 705 quartz movement with Swiss and other imported parts.
  • WATCH STRAP: Turquoise silicone quick-release strap; 22/20 mm

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Last Update: March 2, 2021

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