When it comes to music and Detroit, the obvious association is Motown, and all of the artists that came through that label, it only makes sense that when Shinola was looking for their next ?Great American? to honor, they?d go there. For that honor, they?ve selected none other than Smokey Robinson.

I don?t know if it?s because of growing up just outside of Detroit, or the simple fact of what music my parents liked to listen to, but I?ve heard a lot of Smokey Robinson in my day. And what other artist comes quickly to mind that had a tribute song written to him? That?s precisely what happened with ABC?s ?When Smokey Sings?, which hit the charts the same time Mr. Robinson was in the Billboard 100 himself. Not too bad, yeah?

For this launch, Shinola has a variety of offerings. They?ve got notebooks ($35 for a pack of 3), greeting cards ($5), wall clocks ($450), two Vinton watches (in 32mm and 38mm versions; we reviewed one here) and, fittingly, a turntable ($3,000). Now, I?m no audiophile nor have I dug into any of Shinola?s offerings in the audio category – but that is one lovely-looking turntable, you?ve got to admit.

If you?re just interested in the Vinton watch, it?s a nice collectors kit they?ve put together. It comes with a 45mm record adapter (needed to play the new re-release of ?My Girl? and ?My Guy?, as well as a handsome box. Each watch size is limited to 1000 pieces (and the kit runs $995) and the purchase of one gets you into their club ?The Foundry?. All of these items are hitting the Shinola stores on January 31st, so be on the lookout. shinola.com

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Last Update: January 30, 2020

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