First things first – this is a launch that actually happened back in November, and it just sort of slipped through the cracks over here. Still, it’s a bit of serendipity. March – 13 years ago now – was the month I first wore my own Skagen watch, so let’s talk about what the Skagen X Neighborhood Good watch has to offer.

First off, who’s Neighborhood Goods? It’s a retailer that first started in Plano, TX in 2018, with Skagen being one of the first brands that took up residence in that first shop. Since then, NG has expanded to NYC and Austin, TX, and they felt the time was right for collaborating on a design.

Now, in these photos, you’ll see that there was both a black and a green design. However, these were limited editions, and the black version is sold out, so we’ll focus on the green variant. Which, frankly, is the more interesting one, given the yellow-and-green smiley face on there, giving you a bit of levity in your day.

The color and smiley aside, the Skagen X Neighborhood Goods should feel familiar, in terms of the dial design and look. It’s all housed in a 41mm aluminum case (so, nice and lightweight with the quartz movement and the silicone strap). Now, had you leapt on one of these back when they first launched, it would have run you $125, but I’m seeing it listed on the Skagen for just $65 which is a nice price. Especially if you’re looking for a bit of fun – and green – on your wrist this spring.

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Last Update: March 4, 2021