Aside from all of their Peanuts collaborations (like this one) and the broader Marlin lineup, I think where we’re seeing the heat in the Timex lineup is in their Q lineup. While the bi-color bezel ones get the attention, there are some other really nice re-issues coming along, such as the Timex Q 1978.

As should surprise no one, the Timex Q 1978 is a design that would feel right at home in, where else, 1978. For me, that’s reflected in the shape of the case, as well as it’s diameter spec – 37mm. For then, it’s a big watch, for now, though, that means it’s easily unisex and will fit a variety of wrist diameters. Next, you’ve got that high-domed crystal, made of acrylic. Sure, it’s a bit more scratch-prone than the tougher options we’ve got today, but it just feels right in the design.

Where the Timex Q 1978 is really sold, for me, is in the dial. You’ve got a vertical brushing happening there, as well as a slightly off-silver hue that, well, looks and feels right. It also proudly proclaims that it’s a quartz watch right on the dial, letting you know what it’s all about. Of course, that battery hatch on the back also clues you in. And for someone who wants to easily maintain their own watches, that little port is something I appreciate.

How much for all this vintage-look goodness? Well, you’ll find the Timex Q 1978 over on the Timex site for just $179 on a leather strap. Comes in black, but I could easily see a brown – or even more colorful option – slipping into those 20mm lugs given the overall coloration of the watch. While 1978 is a lot longer ago than it seems it should have been, Timex is helping us take that past into the future.

Tech Specs from Timex

  • Stainless steel case: 37mm, 20mm lug width
  • Quartz movement with day/date
  • Domed acrylic crystal
  • Battery hatch on caseback
  • Leather strap
  • 50m WR
  • MSRP: $179

ByPatrick Kansa

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