It seems to me that TokyoFlash’s frantic release schedule has slowed down a bit.  Even if it has, they’re still turning out some of the most unique designs available for digital pieces  – and their latest release is no exception to that rule.

The model in question is the Adjust, which is a product of their design studio blog.  What intrigues me the most about this design, rather than the use of triangles in the display, are the LEDs themselves.  With this watch, you can actually cycle them through one of six different colors, as shown here:


I like this in that it makes the watch more flexible in terms of what you might feel like strapping on your wrist on any given day.  Really, the big choice you have to make if you pick one of these up is if you want the steel or black finish – remaining colors are set at the press of a button.

Of course, it’s not a TF watch if they don’t have some unique way of reading out the time as well.  Perhaps I’m getting more used to their designs, but this does seem to be one of the easier ones to read out, as shown in this sample:


One last interesting twist to this watch is how it’s powered – you actually charge it via USB; a full charge should take 3.5 hours, and last you about a month.  That should be plenty of time to play around with the colors, and get used to cycling through the date display and alarm setting screens.  All in all, an intriguing bit of kit for the asking price of $179 (€139, £110).

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