I’ve long been a fan of Triwa for their approach to taking classic designs, tweaking things a bit, and then applying their experience and mastery with plastics to come up with some sharp looking pieces. As of late, they’ve been working with recycled ocean plastic, and we’ve featured those before (here and here). Well, now they’re back with a design that’s intended to let you go back into those oceans – the Triwa Ocean Plastic Sub.

With the Triwa Ocean Plastic Sub, we’ve got the same material (again, recycled ocean plastic from Tide Ocean Material; we’re even seeing recycled ocean plastic showing up in shoes). Even the dial texture is somewhat similar, giving you a sort of wavy/topographical look. The dial also reveals the first big change. It’s got a very classic “sub” dial layout with the 3-6-9, triangle, and large pips on the hour markers. Previous watches have had this layout, but here they’ve been enlarged a bit.

Wrapped around that you’ve got the first divers bezel that we’ve seen on this line from Triwa, and really what makes the Triwa Ocean Plastic Sub a dive watch. Well, ok, 100m WR resistance means it’s maybe not a pro diver, but for us desk divers, it gets the job done. For, you know, timing how long that pot of water has been going on the campfire, or how long it is, exactly, that you’ve been lounging by the lake.

Powered by a Miyota quartz movement, the Triwa Ocean Plastic Sub should be a no-fuss bit of accuracy that you can set and forget. In many, many ways, I think it’s a perfect summertime watch. Decent sizing, easy-to-read dial, a WR rating that keeps up with you, and a lightweight chassis. And, of course, you’re helping to get plastic out of the oceans as well.

So, yes, I’m finding a lot to like about the Triwa Ocean Plastic Sub, which is available now for $159 which further cements this as a good summertime choice – so long as the luminous paint holds up to the sizing we see here (in terms of brightness), I think many folks would be quite happy with it. And to that end, we’re talking with the brand to get a loaner in, so we’ll be able to tell you more soon. triwa.com

Tech Specs from Triwa

  • Case size: 40 mm
  • Case Material: ocean plastic
  • Dial: blue 3D wave texture
  • Strap Width: 20 mm
  • Adjustable Length: 165-220 mm
  • Strap Material: ocean plastic nylon
  • Strap Color: blue, orange, or black
  • Buckle: stainless steel matte silver
  • Movement: quartz, Miyota 2015
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM

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