I’ve long been a fan of how Triwa utilizes interesting materials in the construction of their watches. More often than not, those take the form of non-metallic things, like acetate and plastics. They do have a very special metal-cased watch in the collection, and now a new one has joined in.

The Triwa Time For Peace 2.0 is part of the Triwa X Humanium Metal watches collection, which they started up back in 2018. We wrote about it here, but the short story is that they’re using metal that’s melted down from confiscated guns. As an added benefit, they’re giving 15% of the watch sales back to the communities that the weapons came from. Since those first watches, Triwa has donated over $100,000 to anti-violence projects in El Salvador, so they’re making a difference.

For the new Triwa Time For Peace 2.0, we’ve got new colors coming in – blue (my favorite) and green. Both of these feature the bright red date wheel, and come with color-matched straps as well. These just launched today at pricing of $249 (or $269 for the limited edition), which is eminently affordable for something that’s helping to do good out in the world as well. triwa.com

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