Once again, the power of friendship (and partnership) has bestowed upon us a new watch design (and coordinated stopwatches). This time around, it’s the crew at Baltic bringing their first tricompax chronograph to fruition in partnership with the historic motor racing organizer, Peter Auto.

Given that Peter Auto puts together races that feature absolutely stunning race cars from eras long gone by, it’s fitting that it’s the Baltic aesthetic that was tapped to create a watch in partnership with them. A tricompax layout of course calls to mind the racing of the 60s, with the tachymeter bezel helping to time those hot laps (a little piece of trivia for you – that scale will work just fine whether you’re dealing in km/h or mph). You’ve got a very classic panda style here, with black subdials set into a cream dial. To enliven things up a bit, you’ve got the chronograph seconds and minutes in orange, while the chronograph hours brings yellow along.

The running seconds – at the 9 o’clock position – does not have color, but there is a small strip of luminous paint on there, mimicking the main handset (and letting you know the watch is still running, even when you’re in the overnight hours of a 24-hour race).

For this new design, the Tricompax Baltic x Peter Auto uses the hand-wound Sellita SW-510M, a movement we don’t see a lot of in watches. Still, once it’s fully wound (and yeah, manually-wound feels period correct to us) you’ll get a 60-hour power reserve, which will plenty of time to run some hot laps.

To go along with the watch, Baltic is also releasing a pair of flyback stopwatches which echo the look and design of the subdials of the watch. So, you don’t have to worry about the timing from the cockpit, your pit crew can also be getting those lap times for you.

For this release of the Tricompax Baltic x Peter Auto, only 300 pieces are being offered. Each watch comes in a presentation box with the flat-link bracelet and a leather strap, and the two stopwatches on an aluminum plate holder (that could ostensibly be mounted on your dashboard). Want to pick up a set? They’ll be going for 1975€ ($2,043) when they go on sale on August 26th. In the meantime, you can check out the product page for all the details – now – directly at baltic-watches.com

Tech Specs from Baltic

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Last Update: August 15, 2022