If you are recalling our last Void review (on the V03M) then you might be wondering the brand would be calling a watch lineup petite. Well, in comparison to the 36mm case that the V03M had, this new watch lineup is actually quite petite, while still keeping some bolder lines on the case. So, let’s jump in and see what makes the new Void V03P Petite.


We will just go ahead and get the case measurement out of the way – the V03P comes in at a very compact 28mm by 8.5mm thick. So, while the V03M could very easily have been a unisex watch, the V03P is instead very much a women’s watch. The funny thing is, if you were not aware of the size of the case, and just looking at the design of it, you would think it was a larger watch.


Often, when we get in to smaller watches like this, lines are kept very smooth and rounded, giving the watch more of a jewelry feel. Here, the V03P goes in an entirely different direction, instead opting for strong lines and sharp edges, very much in line with what we saw on the V03M. Combine this with the lack of any sort of gems or crystals on the face of the watch, and you have what I consider to be a very nice-looking women’s watch.


While the case design itself may have some more masculine cues to it, the design as a whole speaks to a femininity. Along with the smaller case, you have a 14mm leather strap set in to the lugs. And while the first two color combos (stainless steel and black strap, gold tone and a brown strap) are in line with just about any other watch (men’s or women’s), the third combo is, frankly, the most interesting to my eyes – a rose gold tone paired with a white strap.


Whatever color combination you would end up opting for, the quartz-driven Void V03P is a rather affordable watch, coming in at a price of $195. I think that it offers a great interpretation of what a women’s version of the previous V03 models can be, shrinking things down for a smaller wrist while still keeping a bolder case. I think it also offers a great way to get a his-n-hers combo in effect without being identically matching. While it may not be for everyone, those that find it on their wrists will be pleased. voidwatches.com

Watch Overview
  • Brand & Model: Void V03P
  • Price: $195
  • Who we think it might be for: You really liked the looks of the V03M, but wished it came in an even smaller size
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: Not particularly, no.  Then again, I’m not the intended audience.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: I would like to see some more variety in the dial colors
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: How Void managed to capture “big watch” looks in a smaller package


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