If there’s one thing to be said about the last few years of releases from Zodiac, it is that they are not afraid to use bold color combinations on their designs. That is something I’ve really appreciated with many of them, and their latest – the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Skeleton – brings a dial and movement approach we’re not used to see on a dive watch.

That, of course, would be the skeletonized movement that the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Skeleton is utilizing. Why aren’t the used on divers? Well, dive watches are all about instant legibility, and having all the parts of the movement visible definitely works at cross-purposes to that. Then again, most of us with dive watches are just desk divers, so perhaps it’s not that big of a deal. Myself, though, I’m just having trouble wrapping my mind around it.

What I do like is that the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Skeleton is keeping the same 40mm case we’ve seen on a number of Super Sea Wolf designs, which is very comfortable paired with their jubilee bracelet as well. And that bezel? While I am not normally one to go for multiple colors mixed like this, I am really liking the look. It’s some sort of cross between tie dye and Hypercolor that just sits well with me.

Still, with that skeletonized movement (and I do enjoy seeing the mechanics in motion), this design feels like a surprisingly rare miss from Zodiac. Then again, perhaps that’s just my own personal preferences. If you’re looking to get one of these yourself, take $1,895 and head on over to zodiacwatches.com

Tech Specs from Zodiac

  • Case diameter: 40mm
  • Case thickness: 13.6mm
  • Lug width: 20mm
  • Water Resistance: 20 ATM
  • Movement: STP 6-15
  • Price: $1,895

ByPatrick Kansa

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