I always though Invicta was shady but here’s some confirmation. This poor guy gets his watch back in WORSE condition than when he sent it in.

I sent my Invicta Dune diver back to Invicta in October of last year to have them replace the lume dot on the bezel, which had fallen out, after only wearing the watch about three times. The movement on this watch was also very stiff and something was not right with it from day one. I sent a check for $25 per their warranty instructions.

I received a card back in the mail about three weeks later acknowledging receipt of my watch, with an estimated delivery back to me of mid-November. So far, so good.

Well, I didn’t receive the watch back until December 13th, so this simple repair took 2-1/2 months, which is an incredibly long time to wait, IMHO. All my experiences with Seiko’s COSERV have taken about three weeks at the most. Invicta also did me the favor of scratching the bezel on the watch, with a visible mark running from the ‘50’ to the ‘56’ on the bezel. This scratch was NOT there when the watch was sent in for ‘service.’ They did replace the lume dot and seemingly serviced the movement, but they damaged the watch in the process by scratching the bezel.

I immediately, within 20 minutes of receiving the watch, emailed Invicta’s customer service center describing the problem and requesting that my $25 be refunded to me (I did not receive adequate service from them, only a damaged watch in return) and/or a new replacement bezel be sent to me, as I had no intention of sending my watch back in and risking further damage or another 2-1/2 month wait. I do not think this request was out of line in any way.

After receiving no response, I proceeded over the next two weeks to email Invicta’s service center, customer service personnel and their sales department three more times, with absolutely no response from anyone. We’re talking a total of about 13 emails without response.

Why I’m Through with INVICTA My story of Terrible Customer Service…


  1. You guys finally have something on Invicta. Are you happy now?

    I suppose a Rolex would never have been scratched while being serviced, and the Rolex people certainly wouldn’t have ignored the customers’ e-mails. Right?

  2. As a matter of fact, I’m sure they wouldn’t scratch the hell out of a bezel and send it back and, given my experience dealing with Omega and a few other companies – a few WWR readers can attest to this – I’ve found them slightly difficult to get a hold of but very prompt and generous once you finally get their ear.

  3. Hi,

    I am the owner of an eCommerce site ( and I agree with you about Invicta. Luckily, we do not do much business with them and do not have to worry about their repair division, but it does seem like a much less reputable company, and not even close to a brand like Citizen, for example.

    I you wanted a different watch, I could help make up for your troubles by getting you a pretty big discount on a different. Just email me at


    Dave Gerczak

  4. Yeah, the cyclops on those things just kills me. It’s like it makes the date SMALLER. Anyway, my first mechanical was an Invicta Abyss and a colleague has a Pro Diver. They both suck balls. I’ve owned a $40 Alpha Submariner, and it was far superior to my Invicta in all discernible ways.

  5. Similar experience, 2 1/2 month old “Swiss Made” Pro Diver 4472. Sellita SW200 movement broke. Invicta had the watch for almost 3 months for repair and sent it back in exactly the same condition. Invicta is a SCAM!!

  6. I’ll echo everyone’s sentiments here. Invicta looks pretty, but I’d rather spend the same amout of money on a Seiko and get an infinitely better watch. I had an Invicta pro diver four hand GMT. Came in a beautiful box, had immaculate directions, adjusting the second time zone/24-hr hand was impossible, and it never would index correctly. After working with it, it became obvious that it was a design flaw. I was so revolted that I resized the bracelet and gave the watch to a (then) 5 year old. She still beats it about, and the hr:min:sec hand work, but I’ll never buy an Invicta again, and I can’t recommend it with a straight face.

  7. Wow, well I don’t know where you guys been buying your Invicta watches but I got many in different styles (some divers, pilots, dress, and a few chronos) and I have to say each and everyone of them are working GREAT, never had a problem with not a one and I wear the divers even when I dive!!! In fact I had more problems with the two Rolex brands I have more so then I do the Invicta. case in point> i was roller bladding in the park one day and hit a pebble in the road, I hit the pavement and “POP” went the crystal on my Rolex Sub! Even since then I started collecting other watch brands… again, Invicta has done me just fine! So I guess its to “each his/her own”!

  8. I have owned many Invictas (aprox 39…gave a few away to friends and family). I have never had a problem with them.

    You can get them fairly reasonable on line and so far I have gotten more value than what I’ve paid for.

    I’ve heard many customer service complaints over the years, but so far I haven’t had to contact them. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

  9. My Invicta Model 2876 watch, a gift my girlfriend bought for my birthday last month was EXTREMELY disappointing. The problems, which existed since I received the watch:

    1. It lost between 5 minutes and 30 minutes every 24 hours. I had to reset it each morning.
    2. The date hand never moved. It was stuck where it was when I opened its box.
    3. The “quick-set” button “A” that was supposed to change the date did not function in any way. It was stuck in a pushed-in position when I received the watch in its packaging. I managed to unstick it, but then it didn’t make the date hand move, nor did it function in any other way.

    I had to pay Invicta $20 to have it fixed.

    The card the company sent me to confirm that it had been received left instructions on how to check the status of repairs online that were totally inconsistent with the site itself. I had to figure that out on my own.

    The watch took more than 6 weeks for Invicta to fix.

    Invicta shipped the watch back to me, and UPS delivered it while I was out of town to someone I don’t know in my apartment building. This person, presumably, is still in possession of the watch and has stolen it from me. Granted this isn’t Invicta’s fault per se, except in so far as they sold my girlfriend a piece of garbage that we had to return in the first place.

    So I’m out $20, my girlfriend’s out hundreds, and we’ve got nothing to show for it. We would have had more fun burning dollar bills.

    Invicta is a garbage company that has garbage service and sells garbage products. The whole experience has not just turned me off as far as Invicta goes, but has turned me off on the WHOLE IDEA OF OWNING A WATCH in the first place, which I had decided to return to after years of relying on my cell phone to tell time. That’s what I’ll keep doing.

  10. Camin,
    I’m really sorry to hear that one [REDACTED] company has put you off watches altogether. I’ve got no shame about being a watch fan, and work in offices where cellphones are not allowed. I wear an automatic for a number of reasons and can recommend a couple of reputable ones (Seiko, St. Moritz, and Ollech & Wajs leap to mind) at modest prices for your consideration.

    Don’t let Invicta get you down!


  11. 4346 Invicta ProDiver 300
    2942 Invicta Pro Diver Abyss – SS MOP 200M Yellow Bezel
    9423 Inv Pro Dive 2T Rosa

    I have three Invicta Pro Divers. I bought the Abyss on Ebay, and it is great. The other two were from ShopNBC. Those two had broken spring bars attaching the bracelet to the lugs. I had to salvage parts off a fake Rolex to fix it. ShopNBC referred me to Invicta, and Invicta did not answer the phone or return their emails. I also noticed that did not display my negative review of one of them.

    I really like all three watches, but I won’t buy the brand again, nor will I use Shop NBC. They sucks, and Invicta’s warranty is a joke. Send a $25 money order to repair a $80 watch under warranty? How long do I have to wait? WTF?

  12. They sucks. Excuse me, I didn’t proofread it. They suck! Also, both ShopNBC Invictas were broken out of the box, and I had to fix them myself. Shop NBC sucks. WTF Shop NBC and Invicta?

  13. You Know what you get when you buy a watch for $100? You get a $100 dollar watch.
    It’s a cheap watch! Looks great but it’s disposable. If you want a watch thats good value for what you get is from a reputable company and has good customer service then buy a Seiko or a Citizen. I bought an Evicta because it looked like a Rolex but a Rolex Submariner costs 30 times the price of my Pro Diver. If it goes wrong I’ll buy another one.

  14. Same thing happened to me, this is my second repair, I had to write my states consumer protection to get them to repair it again for free and honor my 5 year warranty they never registerd when they should have..It has been since July 2nd and still no watch..last time they repaired it when i first got it, took longer than they said and still was the time you get it back it is out of warranty LOL that’s how they get you..

  15. Sent in a swiss automatic 9937 because it was losing time onme week after purchase. After 8 weeks they returned the watch, the crown would not turn and the plate in the see through case would not turn. I called and got a replacement. BUT they did not have anymore automatics. The replacement is an invicta ghost III quartz, coste less than what I paid, but something is better than nothing. INVICTA IS A SHAM, do not know if it is a scam.

  16. I bought a ceramic Invicta watch from Shop NBC in late June. In August, the sweep second hand came off, jamming the hour & minute hands.
    I sent the watch back for repair, via certified mail, insured for $300.00 (which cost less than $9.00) thinking it was under full warranty and would cost nothing. App. 2 weeks later, I received a card from Invicta telling me to send them $25.00 for shipping & handling, and I’d get the repaired watch back by 10/02/2008.
    I checked my warranty and noted that you do have to pay for shipping & handling, but only $20.00.
    I called Invicta, and the CS person stated the $25 was correct, but the co. still sends out warranties with outdated information. He said the co. wouldn’t “quibble” if I sent in $20, which I did, with a copy of the warranty page highlighting the $20 fee, on 09/05/2008.
    My check has not been cashed (apparently I should have sent that certified, too), and my “case” on the Invicta website shows no progress.
    I wrote a scathing review of the watch on Shop NBC and, surprise, it was never posted.
    I checked Shop NBC today and noted the watch, three months after it was introduced, is now a clearance item at a price a little more than half the amount I paid when it was the “top value” of the day. It also still shows shipping and handling at $20.
    Clearly, the design and manufacturing process was flawed from the beginning, and Invicta is now trying to dump the remaining inventory to cut its losses.
    Lesson learned.

  17. I have owned Seiko for two decades, and love them. But Invicta is awesome. I’ve found their watches to be very solid, with superb designs and performance. If someone wants to pay Rolex prices, then so be it. But for classic styling, variety and exceptional performance, Invicta can’t be beat.

  18. I bought an INVICTA 5128 MEN’S Swiss GRAND DIVER GMT Orologio. It is Swiss Made. The overall build quality is very good. However, the one blemish that takes away from the eye-catching design is the cyclop. It is completely unnecessary to have a cyclop considering how bad it is. While it magnifies the date, the numbers are distored no matter from what angle you look at it. I don’t know if Invicta intent to achieve this comical effect or their quality control fell asleep. I believe it is the latter. Without this defect, this watch looks very solid and high quality. With this defect, it still looks every bit as good, but upon closer inspection you can see that small detail failed an overall grand design.

    This is my third Invicta purchase. Previously I have purchased the less expensive 8926, which I returned because the seller misrepresented it, and the logo was crooked.

    The other watch I have is the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Two-Tone Automatic Watch #8928. It’s a nice watch I gave to my father as a birthday gift and it is still working well.

    Invicta watches are truly hit and miss. If you get a good one, you are lucky. From my limited experience, a 67% failure rate is not acceptable. For the price range, even Casio watches are more reliable. I am very hesitate to buy any Invicta watches in the future and will look toward more reliable brand like Bulova and Sector at this price range.

  19. Sucks to hear you takin’ it “on the chin” from those Invicta customer service folks…
    Invicta has quite a few lines and pricepoints. I own a couple from the “Reserve” line and the 2624 Russian Diver. Not a single problem and they keep immaculate time. Mind you, all three are “Grand” watches. ($1,000 bucks) It goes back to a repliers earlier statement “When you pay for a $100 watch you get a $100 watch.
    I don’t own a lot of timepieces but the 7 I own are solid and have given me great service; 3 of them Invicta. I think 1 $600 watch is better than 6 $100 watches. Get my point?

  20. I just purchased a pro-diver with the Japan movement and all seems to be good. Great looking watch for 100 bucks, its picked up about 5 seconds in a 48 hours period. I love the cyclops as I have trouble seeing the date on my citizen, timex and bulova.

  21. I just want to comment on a few things.I received an Invicta last Christmas and all I ever used it for was to put on my wrist to go to work. I never banged it around or worked out with it, etc. The watch is just dead, battery works fine, watch just won’t move and IMHO I shouldn’t have to spend $25 to get at $100 watch fixed. What would happen if your car broke and you had to spend 25% of price of your car to get it repaired? (yes a car is a bit out there for comparison, but watches and cars have alot of moving parts). ShopNBC is actually about to go out of business as well, just keep that in mind.

    To the gentleman who commented “at $100 watch is a $100 watch” well, I’ve had several FOSSIL watches that are about that price, for over 10 years, banged them around…and they still work fine today.

  22. I just rec’d a brokern Invicta right out of the box from ShopNbc. The stem will not pull out no how. There was a bad review on their website for the exact same problem/watch that someone returned. I probably her her return. I can either send it back to shopnbc and pay shipping again and pay to have a new one shipped back or send it to Invicta to spend $25 to have them fix something that was broke from the get go. I am done with both companies.

  23. I just rec’d a brokern Invicta right out of the box from ShopNbc. The stem will not pull out no how. There was a bad review on their website for the exact same problem/watch that someone returned. I probably got her return. I can either send it back to shopnbc and pay shipping again and pay to have a new one shipped back or send it to Invicta to spend $25 to have them fix something that was broke from the get go. I am done with both companies.

  24. I owe an Apology to Invicta. The watch was not broken, it has a screw down crown in which I was not aware. My bad. BUT…Neither shopnbc nor Invicta ever answered any of me emails and I still find Invicta’s warranty a joke. You have to pay to ship the watch to them and then send them a check for $25.00. What co charges you money to perform warranty work? They charge about the same for non-warranty work so there skimpy one year warranty is basically useless. Due to their lack of customer service commitment this will be my last watch from them. I can not stand a company that can not answer emails. Just get rid of your email system if you will not use it.

  25. Your story is similar to mine; the luminous “dot” fell out of the benzel the day my watch arrived. This 300M automatic watch also fogged up in the swimming pool. I sent it back with $25. It took nearly 4 months. 8 weeks later, the winding stem broke. I am done with Invicta, too. Never again. They suck.

  26. Some people you just cant please. I own 6 Invictas, my wife owns 4- 1 has been sent back to have minor work- no rpblems- emails answered. All work great

  27. George,

    Why stay away? I’ve purchased a couple different pieces from them, including a very nice Hamilton and have never had any problems.

  28. I have quite a few Invicta’s and am not happy with the fact of having to PAY for Warranty work, this is not

  29. FWIW, I own four Pro Divers and will be picking up a 5th real soon. Like another reviewer said, I even use one scuba diving (9404). Hasn’t let me down. They’re great watches, but I agree the cyclops is pretty bad.

    The reason I’m picking up a 5th is because my daily-wear watch (9094) finally broke down… after 7 years. That’s seven years of DAILY use. Work, play, and everything in between. And the reason it finally broke down is my own fault… instructions say not to wear it in warm water, and I wore it into the shower a few times recently after unusually sweaty & dirty yard work. The crystal fogged up a little, so the display was blurry from that point on. Again, my fault for ignoring the instructions. It was still ticking when I threw it out though.

    The 8928 that I’m wearing right now as a temporary replacement for the daily-use watch is also working like a champ.

    But, companies change, too. GE made great appliances once, now they get more bad reviews than good. GM owned the auto market once, now they’re bankrupt. Maybe Invicta makes junk now. I’ll find out… and if my next Invicta proves to be a lemon, I’ll be the first to admit it. But w.r.t. my ol’ 9094, I’ll take 7 years of daily service and no battery changes for $89 (at the time) anytime.

    BTW – I agree that paying for warranty work stinks, and I feel for those of you who had to put up with it.

  30. I bought a PRO-Diver chronograph. It was pretty but not long after I got it I couldn’t change the date. I sent the watch in for repair in the Invicta box along with $25.00 for shipping. I got the watch back 8 weeks later but not in my Invicta box. I could change the date but now the reset button on the stopwatch function doesn’t work. I called Invicta but got transferred to 3 or 4 different people before I got Irwin who told me they would wave the shipping fee but the watch would be gone for another 8 weeks. I’m not sending it back and I won’t by another.

  31. I am glad I stumbled across this site in time. I was considering an Invicta Corduba (square collection), but I may reconsider now. Seems like Invicta is quite untrustworthy…

    P.S. Does anyone here own a Corduba? If so, are they reliable??

  32. Just wanted to add my experience to the list. I ashamed to have purchased a Pro Diver Model 9210A. I was in love with it for a short time after I bought it. Then the “rotating bezel” popped off after slightly bumping the watch. I paid my stupid $20.00 and sent in the watch. Two months later I got it back “fixed” and with the bracelet all scraped up looking like someone tried to scrape or shave the brushed links to look “more brushed”. They are having me send it back to have it replaced. I deeply regret getting involved with this company: Every time you call it’s a 20 minute wait. Aaaargh!

  33. Well I dont know I just received my first Invicta and so far I love it keeps good time, However I noticed the stop watch hand stopped 5 seconds short when I hit the reset button wasnt sure that was supposed to be that way so I called the phone number on the card that came with the watch and with in 5 mins the guy walked me thru a few steps and reset the stopwatch hand so it now stops on 12 when I hit the reset button.
    It worries me to hear all the trouble people have had but with a few exceptions it seems like emailing Invicta might not be the best way to contact them I have seen this in a few other areas where I was tring to contact a Co with emails and finally I called and had much better luck. I think Companys add email to try to make it easier for it’s customers but just think how difficult it would be to respond to thousands of emails in a timely fashion? I also think people are getting lazy and its easy to fire off an email and then complain when they get no reply when a simple phone call may be all that is needed.

  34. I have two Invicta Subaqua Noma III’s; one gun metal and the other in gold. The gold watch really gets comments each time I wear it as it stands out like a sore thumb.
    These watches were originally list priced at almost $2000 a piece and got them for $360 a piece at ShopNBC. I’ve only had them for a few weeks. So far, they are excellent watches. Hopefully, it will stay that way. I do make it a habit of taking off my watch if I’m doing chores or using the PC, etc.
    Sorry some of you had troubles. I friend of mine did purchase a $45 Invicta watch (I don’t know the model) but for $45, it’s better than any watch I’ve ever seen. The glued on bezel insert came off after about a month. Pity…you get what you pay for though.

  35. I have three Invicta watches. 2 Pro Divers and a Chronograph. Both Pro divers work great and te chronograph had a hand fall off in the case, but the localstore fixed it for around 5 bucks! If you want service buy a Rolex. More and more I hear the complaints about these watches, someone needs to wake up and kick the crap out of shop msNBC not Invicta! What the hell are they selling!?!? Amazon Invicta’s I have never had a problem with. Call the dealer, not the manufacturer! That is why there is a dealer in the first place, so you have a “guy”. If your dealer refuses to help you, then screw them. The old phrase comes to mind, “You pay for what you get.” If there is anybody thinking the same quality and customer service will come out of a 99.00 Invicta the same as a 5000.00 Rolex, then they got a new star of the next retard reality show. Get a life, and a more expensive watch!

  36. I’m glad a lot of people know what is a real and actual fact: Invicta is a joke! Real watch people laugh at their stuff; walk into a Tourneau with an Invicta on and people ignor you like you’ve got the plague. And I get a real kick out of Invicta’s “unbiased” chat site, where people actually claim that Breitlngs aren’t as good as Invicta! On what planet? Anyone who owns Invictas is proof positive that P.T. Barnum was right – case closed.

  37. Lets see, I’ve owned several Invicta’s, among them an SubAqua Noma 2 ( which despite a couple of screws falling out, I really loved that watch just based on the looks) a few lupah’s, and most recently a Commemorative edition Russian Diver. They ALL have had 1 thing in common – THEY ALL FALL APART!!! Every single Invicta I have owned has had some issue with SOMETHING FALLING OFF THE WATCH – screws, dials, hands, parts. I spent $450 on the Russian Diver and within a month an internal screw became dislodged and stuck between one of the gears. I’m unsure what to do since everything I have read says that sending the watch to Invicta is a horror story. I may just try and find some third part that repairs Invicta watches. Take heart folks, the good news in todays world of blogs, Youtube, and search engines is that the TOTALLY CRAPPY build quality of Invictas is quickly becoming common knowledge. They will be forced to either improve or eventually the will run out of suckers to buy their watches.

  38. I purchase the Invicta Cordoba Divers Watch and have had a couple of problems right from the start. The hasp opens up by itself and I must put black tape over it to keep it closed. Also the large knob on the cover rubs against the back of my hand and (because it is heavy) is often painful. Have to wear it on my right arm to avoid this.

  39. I agree Invicta sucks, they look nice but are poor quality, the hands fall of, The Invivta emblem came off on one.i have about ten (10) invictas and stopped buying them. they charged me $25.00 to glue the emblem back on. I gave My sister a Invicta for her birthday and the hands fell off. How embarrassing.Invicta SUCKS.