The Invicta 8926OB is a Submariner homage, and an easy choice if you’re looking for something affordable. This one represents good value for money. Let me tell you how…

The Invicta 8926OB borrows from the 16610LN Rolex Submariner, but it’s not a replica. The shape of the crown guards isn’t the same, the crown itself is lower than the original, the bezel rotates with a decently large amount of play, the hands are thin, and the dial indices have a bit of “nipple dial” to them. Fortunately, the hand length is right, reaching all the way to the minute track, and the lume isn’t bad either.

I liked wearing it on the gray nato. It’s sharp.

I couldn’t go on without addressing Invicta’s reputation. Invicta has a cheap mall watch reputation. They earned this by making garish, faux bling, giant-sized watches that offend people’s tender sensibilities, and then signing them INVICTA everywhere on the watch. However, they’re a major US watch company, and they recently bought historic Swiss manufacturer Glycine. Besides the garish pieces, they make decent ones, as well as higher dollar Swiss-powered watches.

What makes this 8926OB such a great value is a few simple things:

  1. It has a Seiko NH35A movement.
  2. Stainless steel.
  3. It’s available for $85 on Amazon. We purchased ours for $41 on sale.

The proportions are right. The Invicta 8926OB is a 40mm diver, and from a few feet away, it looks the part of the Rolex distant cousin. This isn’t bad, especially for the price of admission. You get a solid watch, mineral glass crystal, reliable movement, with decent lume, and the only things you have to get over are the constant INVICTA signage on it. Invicta engraves their name into the side of the case, signs the crown, the dial, clasp, and puts their logo on the counterweight of the seconds hand. Even the rim of the display caseback is blessed with INVICTA signing.

The movement is the NH35A Seiko, a Japanese designed movement manufactured in Malaysia. This shouldn’t be a real concern with both the affordability of the watch, and it’s the same robots making most of it whether they’re in Japan or Malaysia. The movement is free of pretty much all decoration in this form, where some models had a Geneva Stripes pattern on the rotor. Here, it’s painted yellow and has the Invicta signing on it.

There are two best things about this watch. One, as said, it’s an affordable dive homage with a decent movement. Two, it’s a modder’s sandbox, because it takes Seiko-compatible and Rolex aftermarket-compatible parts. Dress it up with aftermarket Seiko hands and dial, change the bezel insert to a ceramic one, put on an aftermarket crystal, and take a chequering file to the bezel, and you’ve changed the character of the watch in some pretty cool ways. For $85 off of Amazon, that’s hard to beat. It’s even better when it pops up for $41.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Invicta 8926OB
  • Price: pricing starts at $85 (watch for discounts.)
  • Who we think it might be for: You like a nice Rolex-homage. You don’t even care that it says INVICTA on nearly every surface.
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: I’ve had two of these things. In the company of watch wearers sporting 7-10k pieces, it got respect for what it is at its price-level.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: They won’t listen to me. Be more subtle about the branding on the case.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: Classic design borrowed from someone else, affordable reliability. Normally at this price point, you’re getting a DG2813, which is a clone of a Miyota. This thing is a steal.

Tech Specs from Invicta

  • Case size: 40mm
  • Height: 14mm
  • Case material: steel (brushed, and polished)
  • Crystal: flat, mineral
  • Strap: 20mm to 18mm tapered brushed and polished steel bracelet with foldover clasp
  • Movement: Seiko NH35a


  1. Well-written review Victor…my Invicta 9404 (same movement, “Coke” bezel, white dial) gets a lot of wrist time for all the reasons you mentioned.

  2. Hi Victor,

    Because the Invicta is one of my favorite low end watch brand I was really happy you wrote this piece about the Rolex Submariner homage. I would always go for the homage rather than the super expensive Rolex any day, and that’s not because I am an inverted snob, it’s just the bling doesn’t really grab me.

    Yes, you are right that Invicta can be a little brash, and yes, they can create some really nice pieces too. As for the price, you can’t get better can you? The only other option in my view, is go all the way and save some cash for an entry level Omega.

    There are so many things to take into account when you are looking for your perfect watch, cost, reliability, accuracy, style and function, and what about your mood? Maybe that’s why we need a collection? What about a watch for each day of the week, a watch for each suit, a watch for each and every interest that drives you?

    If you can afford top end brands and models for your collection then you are blessed. This of course isn’t always going to be the case, and building a collection on a budget can be a challenge. The best way to go about is in my view is mixing and matching without beating yourself up for having a mixture of low end, mid range and hopefully a couple of quality pieces in your collection.

    The good news is that many brands are available offering really good quality for low prices that can compete with the upper end of the market. The magic number for me is the $500 mark that gets you a choice that’s too big to shake a stick at.

    Currently I am working on a comparison site where I compare discount watch stores with a focus on affordability. I wonder what you might think of it? If you would like to take a look and tell me what you think, that would be cool. Well, if you get a change check this site out. (

    Thanks again for a really nice article.



    • Hi Carl,

      I think there are some other good values out there, including a few that (on sale) are even better than the Invicta, but my goal is to help people come to enjoy these mechanical and design wonders, whether it’s through an homage path, or an impossibly expensive luxury path. I want to help people find the ones that resonate with them.

      My question to you, with your discount watch comparison site, is what problem are you trying to solve for the consumer? What’s their biggest problem trying to figure out where to buy from? How long do they spend trying to solve it, what’s the most frustrating thing about that problem? I ask, because when I look at your site, I see some ratings and commentary, but I don’t feel like it actually helps me compare the sites in a meaningful way. That is, I have to trust your rating, and I’m not able to make any comparisons and conclusions on my own. Further, for stores that you’ve marked ‘removed until further notice,’ you give no indication as to _why_ they’re removed, which makes me want to know more, especially since I’ve purchased relatively recently from one of the ones you’ve marked ‘removed.’ Ultimately, it’s a nice blog, but even reading your “Are BLANK RETAILER’S deals a scam?” posts aren’t helpful to me, because it seems as if all you’ve done is look at site feedback sites like trust pilot or site jabber, and let us know if there’s something that seems like a problem. I know as a retailer, I’d be really fearful of that headline, even if your conclusion is “no, BLANK is not a scam,” and I’d be put off by it as a consumer, too.

      I think a retailer comparison site is interesting, but I think you should re-focus on what problems consumers really have in trying to choose a retailer, and what some different ways you could solve those problems are.

    • Hi Carl. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am currently looking for the reference of the crown of the Invicta 8926 as I lost mine. Do you have any recommandation where I could buy it online and how much does it cost ? :S Many thanks in advance. Quentin –

  3. Hello again,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to browse my humble blog, your input is really very helpful. It is always difficult to see the flaws in your work when you are so close to it, so having fresh eyes on it has pinpointed some really important questions.

    Thanks so much for being so honest, I will take everything you say into account and make changes.

    Bye for now



  4. Let me ask you: ?japanese movement? is not written on your watch but in others 8926 are. Wich one is a fake? Or the two are originals? Thank you.

  5. I have an invicta I got from Walmart online. I am so pleased with it. It defines reliable.aveage for 2 months has been +.2 seconds per day. Max was -6 and +7. All worn condition. I feel that is the only real test. I recommend this watch over any make,no matter the cost. The Seiko movement is so smooth and foolproof. No more batteries for me ever.

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