With a name like “Skultuna” attached to it, you might think this is some sort of heavy-metal fishmonger mashup.  Well, that’s where the English language sort of lets us down, or, at least, clouds our ability to infer things.  You see, Skultuna is actually a Brass Foundry (founded all the way back in 1607), and Triwa is back with another collaboration with them, and the result is the Triwa Skultuna III.

Now, sure, Triwa’s design language may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  For myself, though, I like it.  It’s clean without being plain, understated without being truly minimal.  I also like how they play with a variety of materials for their cases (the tortoise acetate is sublime).  In this case, you’ve got good-old bronze.

Bronze is a material that I thought was falling out of favor.  It was hitting hard and heavy, particularly in the micro brands, a few years back, and then seemed to trail off.  But, as the Triwa Skultuna III demonstrates, it never really went totally away.  It pops up in a few models (seemingly) each year.  Now, if you’ve not experience a bronze case before, they have a really interesting warmth to them (not harsh like some yellow gold can be), and of course there’s the individual patina that they can develop.

Patina can take time to develop, and for a watch meant to be with you for the long haul, Triwa has put an automatic movement into the 38mm case of the  Triwa Skultuna III, a Miyota for those keeping score (again, for the longevity).  Pair that to a leather strap from the Tärnsjö tannery (I’ve had some stuff from there, and it is quite nice), and you’ve got a watch that will happy to be on your wrist.  That is, if you’re one of the 400 people to snap up the $599 watch.  If you’re a fan of the Triwa design language, I’d say this is worth checking out.  triwa.com

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Triwa Skultuna III
  • Price: $599
  • Who we think it might be for: You want your watch Swedish, and you want it warm
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen? It would be tempting
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: The classic Triwa look paired with bronze

Tech Specs from Triwa

  • Case Size: 38 mm
  • Style: TRIWA x Skultuna
  • Dial Color: Navy Blue
  • Case Color: Brass
  • Family: Skultuna
  • Strap: 20 mm organically tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery
  • Strap Color: Brown
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM Movement: Miyota 9015 automatic
  • Buckle Color: Brass
  • Case Treatment: Brushed and polished
  • Strap Style: Classic Movement Type: Automatic
  • Sku: SKUL107-SA010213

By Patrick Kansa

A big data developer and leader with a penchant for gadgets, books, watches and beverages. You can find my work on WristWatchReview, Knapsack.News, and Slushpile. If you're on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll find me there as @PatrickWatches.

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